HIP Wizard is a price comparison site for the Home Information Packs now required in the UK in the majority of residential property sales. I’ve written the site homepage in a short, bullet-point rich format which never requires the eye of the reader to stop for more than a few moments. When you arrive at this page, all the copy needs to do is reassure you you’re on a site that does what you’re looking for. After that, it’s “Show me the ‘Search’ box”. Website homepage for HIP price comparison site HIP Wizard.

The fast and easy way to find your best-price Home Information Pack.

With HIPWizard, you can sort out your HIP fast.

Enter a few simple details and HIPWizard will magic you up a list of HIP providers ready to help with your particular property.

HIP Wizard ranks them for you by cost, lowest price first.

Once you’ve chosen a provider, HIPWizard needs just a few more details. Then…Presto! Sit back and wait for your HIP to arrive.


The 3 BIG benefits of using HIPWizard:

If you agree to buy your HIP through an estate agent … MORE

HIPWizard is a price comparison site …MORE

With HIPWizard, you can find a suitable HIP provider …MORE

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