HIP Wizard is a price comparison site for the Home Information Packs now required in the UK in the majority of residential property sales. I’ve written the site homepage in a short, bullet-point rich format which never requires the eye of the reader to stop for more than a few moments. When you arrive at this page, all the copy needs to do is reassure you you’re on a site that does what you’re looking for. After that, it’s “Show me the ‘Search’ box”. Website homepage for HIP price comparison site HIP Wizard.

completed: 2008
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.

The fast and easy way to find your best-price Home Information Pack.

With HIPWizard, you can sort out your HIP fast.

Enter a few simple details and HIPWizard will magic you up a list of HIP providers ready to help with your particular property.

HIP Wizard ranks them for you by cost, lowest price first.

Once you’ve chosen a provider, HIPWizard needs just a few more details. Then…Presto! Sit back and wait for your HIP to arrive.


The 3 BIG benefits of using HIPWizard:

If you agree to buy your HIP through an estate agent … MORE

HIPWizard is a price comparison site …MORE

With HIPWizard, you can find a suitable HIP provider …MORE

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