The founder of Unlocking Potential came to me with a familiar dilemma in the establishment of new consulting businesses: how to balance the presentation of her own experience, qualifications and skills (at the outset really all that the business has to shout about), with some semblance of ‘corporate presence’, in order to avoid feeling too small to merit consideration by substantial companies. I’ve used a first person plural voice, referencing the founder’s involvement as central to the company’s offer but pointing the way to the shape the business will be likely to have within a few months, as it gains traction and begins to grow. Web content for executive counselling and HR consultancy Unlocking Potential.

completed: 2012
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Unlocking Potential specialises in executive counselling and management-focused human resource consulting.

We help executives at all career stages to unlock their personal and professional potential so as to attain personal goals linked to effectiveness, career development and personal fulfilment.

In parallel, we work with organisational management to provide development, performance and review services geared to improving efficiencies and practices related to human resource.

Unlocking Potential operates under the leadership and direction of Camellia Dighé. With Masters qualifications in Management and Human Resources, and over 20 years experience in well-regarded professional services companies, Camellia is expert in the dynamics and perspectives of executive performance.

Unlocking Potential’s dual offer unites Camellia’s non-directive coaching approach with directive consultancy, utilising her experience and understanding of corporate strategy and organisational development to the full.

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