This is a kind of project I love. The venture capital company behind this project had established the site and the brand name, BoggleIT (which I implored them unsuccessfully to change to simply Boggle), but were concerned that the site homepage was failing to produce pipeline entries to either of the 2 review ‘products’ on offer. The reason, simply, was that the homepage failed in both its copy and layout to communicate what users were meant to do next. Design and copy become indistinguishable in a project such as this. While this isn’t precisely how it ended up, my clients integrated much of the new copy and information layout into their site relaunch. Website rewrite and redesign for BoggleIT.

completed: 2007
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.



Think you’ve got yourself a BIG MONEY idea? Congratulations! Test it out now using ‘Boggle’. Backed and supported by a team of 17 top business brains, Boggle will analyse your idea, rate it and, if it’s got what it takes, the Boggle business team will help you get it up, running and making money. And before you ask…you have a 100% legal guarantee that your idea is safe. It’s your idea. No-one will steal it!


There are 2 ways to Boggle your idea to see if it has what it takes to make you rich.


The 17 Business Brains at Boggle It have built a fast, easy to use online test. With it, they can give you a heads up on your idea for any kind of invention, product or service. For a tiny charge, SnapSHOT tells you REALISTICALLY whether you’re on to a winner.


BigShot gets your idea full-on analysis by the Business Brains themselves. BigSHOT can take your idea all the way through development and commercialisation until it makes you real money. There’s no cost to you beyond the small, one-off BigSHOTfee. And if your idea needs investment, the Brains will make it or help you find it.

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