Kerteza is UK is the UK arm of a specialist European healthcare management consultancy. In this project, I’ve redrafted about 40 pages of legacy content to provide a consistent professional voice. Web content for Kerteza UK.

completed: 2011
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Quality, Management and Process. Specialised consultancy and training for Healthcare organisations.

Kerteza UK is a specialist provider of Consultancy and Training to organisations in all areas of the healthcare sector.

We provide strategic and implementation guidance on Quality, Safety and Process Management Systems, as well as Organisation Assessment and Process Consultation services.

Kerteza helps optimise processes and procedures, enabling your organisation to operate more efficiently by identifying where improvements can be made, where change is required and where new processes can be implemented.

We provide a huge range of training and development courses and workshops, covering subjects such as Organisational Development, Communication, Internal Audits and Process Analysis. Our programmes can all be delivered in-house, or participants may join an open-enrolment programme with attendees from other organisations.

Healthcare expertise

Kerteza has over 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector. We operate at all levels and in all disciplines within the sector and currently supervise more than 250 organisations across Europe in both short and long term projects.

Our team of Consultants and Trainers have the training and experience to enable them to work in a broad range of situations.Consultants are assigned projects based on their area of personal expertise and previous work experience.

Supporting the pursuit of Quality

Kerteza supports the development and implementation of Quality, Safety and Process Management systems, whether self-regulated or based on recognised Standards and References.

We do this by offering services ranging from workshops and courses to a complete consultancy offer covering the development, implementation and maintenance of Quality Systems across all areas of an organisation.

Our aim is to guide and assisst healthcare professionals in developing and refining the quality of both their organisation and of the services it provides. We help organisations to advance and define organisational policy using methodologies including INK-positioning, SWOT Analysis, Process Analysis and LEAN Management.

In association with leading Standards and Accreditation bodies

Kerteza works closely with a number of accreditation and certification bodies both in Europe and further afield. For example, in Europe Kerteza acts as the official training consultancy for JACIE Inspectors (Joint Accreditation Committee-ISCT & EBMT). Similarly, we train Auditors for OECI (Organisation of European Cancer Institutes). In the Netherlands, Kerteza trains the auditors of NIAZ (Dutch Institute for Accreditation of Hospitals) and RvA/CCKL (Raad voor Accreditatie / Board of Accreditation for Laboratories).

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