I’ve developed a direct, explanatory copy style in this project for online Trade Mark registration service Trade Mark Direct. The task involved my auditing the user journey from homepage to application, reengineering this to remove hitches from the process, and then authoring the homepage along with other areas of site content. Site content for online trademark registration service Trade Mark Direct.

completed: 2011
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Protect your business name with
a UK trade mark. From under £470

Register your business name as a UK trademark today.

Without a registered trade mark to protect you, your competitors are absolutely free to use your business name to trade under.

It doesn’t matter that you were using it first, or that you’d registered it as the name of your company at Companies House, or that you own web domains associated with the name.

What’s more, unless you register your name, there’s nothing to stop your competitors registering your business name and stopping you from using it… by law.

Don’t put it off. Act now and protect your business name properly.

Check your name NOW

Use our FREE search to see if your business name seems available to register as a trade mark.

If it is, place an order with us to register it.

We’ll then make 23 different legal checks. If they show the application is unlikley to succeed, you can stop… with nothing at all to pay.

Don’t delay. Check your name NOW.

Why Trade Mark Direct is the very best way to register your name

The danger of doing it yourself.

UK trademarks have to be registered at the Trademark Registry. There’s nothing to stop you doing this yourself. The Registry charges £xxx for registration of a name in one Class (business area), and more if you register it in further Classes. But over half of all applications made privately are unsuccessful… and the Registry does not refund your fee.

The danger of asking trade mark lawyers to do it for you.

If you ask trademark lawyers to handle your application, they will charge you a fee (usually around £xxx) in addition to the Registry fee, for their time in dealing with your enquiry and the application. If their research suggests your application is unlikely to be successful, and you decide not to apply, you will still have to pay their fee.

Avoid the risk… by using Trade Mark Direct

With Trade Mark Direct, you use the search box above to check for FREE whether your name looks likely to be available to register. If it is, you can instruct us to start the registration process.

At this point, we take your payment details but do not charge you. Our trade mark experts then make 23 different legal checks. If we find no reason why your application should fail, we go ahead, charging you the appropriate Registry fee, plus a fee for our service.

If we spot anything that suggests your application is likely to fail, we tell you immediately. If you then decide not to proceed, you don’t pay a penny… not even for the work we’ve already done.

Any trade mark… anywhere in the world

We can register your name in the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the Gulf States and China, or any other country world wide. There is no single worldwide registration but the International Registration process can save time and money.

We also provide trade mark watching and portfolio management services, and attorney representation in trade mark disputes such as oppositions, cease and desist letters and infringement of rights. For more information, see our services page.

Register your trade mark in 3 simple steps with Trade Mark Direct

Use our FREE trade mark availability search

  • Safe, secure and confidential
  • Uses live data from trade mark registries
  • Finds all similar names

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