Not every project involves authoring a complete site. The owner of specialist hair extension company Confident Manes wanted only an About Us page writing for her, and I was more than pleased to do this. I’ve picked a tone of voice that goes some way to representing the owner’s genuine passion for her product and service. Web ‘About Us’ page for hair extension specialist Confident Manes.

*If no image of the finished project is available, my .pdf copyvisual or .docx copysheet is shown in its place.

Confident Manes is the caring and innovative hair extension company that has your needs as a customer at the heart of our business.

Working exclusively with 100% virgin human hair, our extensions offer an authenticity unsurpassed in a market in which maintaining purity of sources across an extensive range of hair types has traditionally proved extremely difficult to achieve.

Recognising this opportunity, and having endured a number of unsatisfactory extension experiences herself, Confident Manes’s founder established the company with the twin objectives of providing the highest possible quality hair extensions supported with outstanding customer care.

All of our hair is sourced directly from its indigenous countries of origin, contributing to a range with an unrivalled breadth of ethnic, racial and geographic hair types from which a match can be sourced and tailored perfectly for the needs of every individual customer.

We never forget that, whatever your reason for choosing them, extensions are about helping you to look and feel the way you’d like to. Because of this, we go to great lengths to help you choose, try and feel confident wearing, styling and caring for your extensions.

We want your experience with Confident Manes to be more than the purchase of an accessory. We know the fulfillment and satisfaction that wearing quality extensions can give a wearer, and we hope that using our product will mark the start of a personal journey for you.

Be Bold. Be Confident.

Your hair does not define who you are. But at Confident Manes we believe it is most definitely an extension of who you are.

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