I wrote this UK service offer website for my Dubai-centred wealth management client PWS Group. I’ve maintained the assured, professional tone of voice I use when writing for the Dubai office, but bridged towards the more sophisticated ‘financial adviser’ tone I’d use for any company of this kind targeting the UK market. Web content for wealth manager PWS Group.

completed: 2018
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About PWS

PWS UK is a wealth manager and financial adviser committed to building long term working relationships with clients. By doing this, our aim is to be able to help plan and manage our clients’ financial wellbeing and security from the time we meet, on through the years into retirement, ensuring them of a prudently-resourced and comfortable way of life at every stage.

PWS UK and the PWS group

PWS UK is the UK Client practice within the highly regarded PWS Group.

Established in 2010 (?), PWS Group comprises independently operating financial advisory practices in Dubai and the UK, as well as a UAE based Insurance Brokerage.

Each of our companies are licensed to provide financial advice and consultancy in the market in which it operates.

The ethos of PWS UK, in line with all other companies within the group, is one of strong customer service, with the emphasis based on developing long term relationships between client and Client Adviser.

Through this approach, we aim to provide clients with a lifelong partner with whom to plan and manage their financial affairs and personal wealth.

An adviser for life

PWS UK recognises that our clients join us at varying stages in their working lives, and then may well remain with us for a number of decades. During this time, their understanding of financial planning and investment is likely to progress from being, in many cases, somewhat limited, to being relatively sophisticated as years go by.

Similarly, client needs are likely to shift from the acquisition of home-purchase mortgages, basic savings policies and simple investments, to encompass the more complex requirements associated with building investment portfolios and pensions in order to secure wealth for the longer term.

Our aim is to accompany clients on this journey from wherever they start out, sharing our advice and knowledge to enable us to work with them in a partnership based on proper understanding.

Pensions, Wealth Management, Mortgages and Protection

We are specialists in all aspects of UK and overseas pensions, and in particular in pension transfer. We are also expert in lifetime allowance tax planning, inheritance tax planning and other aspects of wealth management.

In addition to this, the PWS UK team includes skilled brokers who are able to advise and arrange cover for personal risks of all kinds, including risk related to clients as business owners; mortgage brokers able to advise and arrange borrowing for both home purchase and buy to let investment; and brokers specialising in investment plans from leading investment houses.


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