Based in Richmond, in West London, Silicon Avenue provide expert consulting and solutions development for risk management in the financial services industry. This fascinating project allowed me to work with their founder and CEO to define a brand new strategic proposition for the business, along with web content capable of delivering this to the market. Strategy development and web content for Silicon Avenue

completed: 2009
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.

Risk management as a positive dynamic in your business.

Silicon Avenue provides distinct, knowledgeable and diverse consulting services structured around the philosophy of a constructive management of risk.

Where many companies, and indeed the majority of consulting firms, perceive risk as a hazard to be dealt with in order to defend against potential damage, Silicon Avenue believes that foresight, attentive planning and bold decision making based on high quality data turn the management of risk into a proactive and creative tool capable of delivering strategic opportunities and competitive business advantage.

We provide consulting services at all appropriate levels within the organisation, from blue-sky envisioning and development of risk strategy at Executive level, through to design, specification and systems implementation at a hands on technological level.

Our consulting brings equal expertise to bear on the concerns of front and back office operation.

Our consulting practice areas

Risk Management

Prudent adoption of a constructive approach to risk management will protect your ability to trade effectively and efficiently in almost all eventualities. Silicon Avenue’s expertise and technologies enable you to measure and rank the risks to which you’re susceptible across your full spectrum of business processes.

Investigation Services

A consulting offer provided only to clients in the Finance or Financial Services arenas, Silicon Avenue helps you deliver reassurance to investors and regulators that you have sufficiently robust understanding of your risk to manage those funds placed with you.

Technology Management

Working with you at CTO level, Silicon Avenue can help you construct a business which remains informed on the possibilities of, and effectively defended against, technological failure or subterfuge of any origin. We see quantifiable assessment of the implications of such failures as core to the development of such a strategy, and possess significant experience in this area.

Analytical Consulting

With detailed modelling of your business and its sub-components, Silicon Avenue provides informative and often challenging insights into its operation. Through subsequent stress testing of these models, we are able to identify and quantify areas of risk, enabling new, informed approaches to key decision making.

Business Management

Reserving our offer in this area to clients working in the Finance and Financial Services arenas, Silicon Avenue consults alongside management (or alongside a larger scale consulting firm where one has been engaged) to convert risk-oriented business strategy into technical solutions capable of delivering its goals.

Business Intelligence

Silicon Avenue’s Business Intelligence consulting enhances your policy and decision making capabilities. This is achieved by ensuring comprehensive management information related to your processes, and to external factors influencing your operation, is collated and made accessible in the most timely and appropriate formats for maximum value to be extracted.

Project Management

Our Project Management consulting approach minimises the risk of failure in your project, bringing its benefits online in your business as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our incremental methodology eliminates avoidable disruption, and our provision of consultants with records of proven delivery on key projects and specialist knowledge of the sector ensures intelligent and proactive shepherding of the project throughout.

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