Eurocodes is a pan European set of codes used to define standards in construction, and bsi’s Eurocodes Plus product addes navigation and accessibility to the codes, making them faster and more practical for engineers, architects and surveyors to use. In this simple ‘Offer’ email, intended for release just before year end, I’ve written in an informal, simple and practical voice, confidently combining details of the offer with a seasonal greeting, yet without labouring too heavily on either. Offer email for Eurocodes Plus publisher bsi.

completed: 2017
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New Improvements to EurocodesPLUS. And 20% Off.



Dear Paul,

We’re almost at the end of 2017.

The year has had its challenges, but the EurocodesPLUS team has been doing everything we can to help by making improvements to our product to give you even more benefit from its use.

Four ways EurocodesPLUS ends 2017 giving you more help than ever.

  • Better Pricing

We’ve improved our pricing. Our flexible packages start from just £1,500. That means  more engineers using EurocodesPLUS for less.

  • New Worked Examples 

Worked Examples is a brand new feature. Design guides within EurocodesPLUS that show how to use the Eurocodes in specific situations with detailed calculations, drawings and commentaries.

  • Extra Summaries of Changes 

We’ve added more Summaries of Change, the built in lists that show at a glance where there have been revisions to documents and standards.

  • More Expert Commentary 

We’ve added more instances of the Expert Commentary alongside clauses and documents which explain how to apply Eurocodes.

Save 20% Off a EurocodesPLUS subscription.

Having made these improvements, we’d like to draw 2017 to a close by making EurocodesPLUS even more affordable for you to use.

So purchase a subscription between 1-24 December 2017, and you’ll receive a 20% discount off the price.

Flexible and affordable. Let us show you.

Request a quote today. We’ll discuss your precise needs, then put together the best possible package. And you’ll save 20% off the price before 24 December 2017.


We very much hope to speak to you before the holidays. Whether we do or not, however, we wish you a very happy and restful break.

The Eurocodes Subscriptions Team 



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