Contracted via my my client Seafishtrade, the content for this site for their partner fish trader and provider of fishing logistics, Deniton Sales, was written very quickly, ahead of the industry’s main global expo. Tone of voice is a clean and uncomplicated international English, suited to a global audience in this particular industry. Website for fish trading and logistics provider Deniton Sales.

completed: 2023
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Fishing trawler management

We manage our own fishing fleet, made up of three Pulkovsky Meridian BATM trawlers. Each over 100 metres in length, these vessels each have a carrying capacity in excess of 1360 tonnes. Our management of the vessels covers every aspect of their operational requirements, as well as distribution of product.

Monitoring and control of fishing operations

We maintain total control over the fishing operations of our trawlers.
We consider that operating a fleet of this kind safely, efficiently and profitably is dependent in equal measure on the people and the technology involved.
Deniton Sales’ approach is always to recruit to the highest standards in all roles, both onboard and on shore. We secure the best people in the industry, training and managing them to work as a unified team.
We ensure their ability to deliver successfully against demanding productivity targets by providing them with the industry’s most advanced technologies.


Ensuring we have the highest quality team in place to work each of our trawlers is key to fishing and delivering product successfully.
Pulkovsky Meridian BATMs of the kind operated by Deniton Sales each accommodate a crew of between 70 and 90 members. This means we have more than 400 people under management at any one time.
With the help of our specialist crewing partner, we ensure working conditions for all crew that are not only safe and to a high standard of serviceability and comfort, but which will encourage the kind of community environment which we consider essential for effective and productive fishing.

Bunkering of vessels

As in all industries, diligent management of energy procurement is today essential in being able to operate profitably.
For high seas fishing vessels of the kind operated by Deniton Sales, fuel now accounts for more than 70% of the total cost of putting to sea.
Because of this, it is crucial for us to monitor the highly volatile bunkering market continuously, in order to secure best possible prices.
Co-ordinating cost-efficient bunkering with operations then also calls for meticulous planning of logistics, so that costly interruptions to fishing operations are avoided.

Technical and provisional supplies

An ecosystem as large and technically diverse as a crewed Pulkovsky Meridian requires a wealth of equipment, tools and spare parts if it is to remain in its designated grounds for weeks on end, fishing, freezing and packing product efficiently.
Deniton Sales provides comprehensive support to our fleet, both in terms of the hardware carried onboard for each trip as standard, and the ability to deliver exceptional items swiftly, at sea, to minimize interruptions.
Alongside this exceptional level of support for the hardware needs of our trawlers, each vessel is supplied to a similar level with a wide ranging inventory of fresh provisions to cover crew needs.

Product distribution

Our extensive capability in distributing product ensures a Deniton Sales value chain that spans all the way from ocean to end customer.
Our long heritage as traders of frozen fish ensures that we now benefit from a mature and wide-reaching network of distribution partners who depend on Deniton Sales to supply product to meet the demand of their customers.
Today, we not only distribute all products caught and packed by our trawlers but also, as traders, continue to source quality frozen fish from other producers to satisfy the demands of our markets.

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