Oliver Jacob, who runs Accent, wanted their site to combine a sense of accessibility and transparency about the modest head count of the consultancy, with a positive representation of the company’s experience and worth. The copy is consequently written in a conversational and contemporary business tone. Site content for Accent technology consultants.

completed: 2010
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About Accent

Accent is a specialist research consultancy working with companies in technology industries.

Our small but highly experienced team possesses deep understanding of current and emerging technologies, and the dynamics of the markets surrounding them.

We work in close partnership with clients, using carefully tailored research approaches to shape communications programs which are both appropriate to the technologies concerned and effective in the marketplace.

While our experience naturally encompasses Europe and North America, we have particular knowledge and understanding of the complex and rapidly evolving markets of the world’s newer technology economies across the Middle East and Asia and, in particular, China.

Our work covers market research and customer and key-opinion-leader relationship management.


We work in close partnership with our clients, and are committed to helping them use research to achieve their commercial goals.

We nurture detailed understandings of our clients, their products, and the markets in which they are active.

We believe that research should never provide the only input to a decision process, and our attentive approach and small consulting team affords us the opportunity to ensure that our research is properly integrated with, and weighed against, other salient factors.


We assist technology companies who recognise that informed and incisive research can shape change, reduce risk and improve the quality of decision making within the marketing process.

Because of this, research is an invaluable part of any strategy to improve the effectiveness of a product in the kind of developing marketplaces in which technology generally operates.

With a specialist appreciation of the underlying nature of technology markets, we employ both qualitative and quantitative research techniques to uncover new sales opportunities and so engineer the success of your products.

Our qualitative research utilises both in-depth interviews and focus groups, while quantitative procedures include our own, fresh take on real market size, market share, penetration and growth rates.

Whether the next step in your marketing plan would benefit from a sales-targeting-analysis of provincial income stratification in China, a better understanding of intellectual property rights in India, or key-opinion-leader focus groups on the effectiveness and cultural suitability of your existing communications, we’re here to help you.

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