Payment Solutions Limited provides a comprehensive range of payment handling and clearance services for merchants online and off, helping to ensure fast, efficient and economical processing of payment. In writing this site, my objective was to impart an appropriate sense of dependability and probity, while simplifying the nature of the offer as much as possible. Full website write for Payment Solutions.

completed: 2008
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About PSL

PSL offers you a friendly, attentive and end-to-end service for handling processing of payments via call centres, through the mail, across the internet or via interactive TV.

We provide services for real-time and batch transactions of credit and debit cards, direct debits, credits and paper cheques. We assist with Bank and processing set up, and foreign payment processing.

By outsourcing to us, you will benefit from increased efficiency as well as significant reductions in overhead.

PSL specialises in processing high-volume payments. We are able to clear unlimited numbers of cheques, credit card transactions, direct debits and credits at highly competitive rates and so help you save thousands of pounds each year by reducing your bank fees.

Every aspect of our workflow, from collection and transit of cheques through to online authorisation, is carried out to the highest levels of security. Our fraud management solutions for the card industry support initiatives such as AVS/CV2, 3-D Secure (verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode), as well as payer authentication and traditional rules-based fraud screening.

By working with PSL, you can look forward to face-to-face, responsive handling of your changing payment processing requirements from your own, dedicated member of our professional, bank-quality, account handling team.

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