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completed: 2005
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Frequently misused as a generic name to refer to any Asbestos-related disease, Asbestosis is one of several diseases caused by inhaling Asbestos dust. (The others are Pleural Plaques, Diffuse Pleural Thickening, Mesothelioma and Asbestos-induced Lung Cancer.)

In a great many cases, the inhaling of Asbestos dust will have taken place over a period of years at work, and sufferers may well be able to make a claim for damages or compensation. In such cases, Clear Answers’ lawyers specialising in Asbestos claims will discuss the circumstances of your claim with you and then construct and present your claim in the most appropriate manner.

Asbestosis occurs when Asbestos fibres are breathed in and enter the narrow tubes and air sacs of the lungs, causing the lungs to react adversely creating a scarring and thickening, sometimes called Fibrosis. The Fibrosis causes the lungs to lose their natural elasticity and the sufferer may experience some tightness in the chest, along with breathlessness. The severity of the symptoms of Asbestosis varies dramatically, however, and in some sufferers there can be few or no symptoms until the disease causes death through respiratory failure.

As with other Asbestos-related diseases, the question ‘How long does Asbestosis take to appear?’ is difficult to answer. In some people who have suffered continuing exposure to Asbestos at work, it may appear within a few years, while in others it can take a great many years to show.

The presence of Asbestosis in people who smoke cigarettes also greatly increases their risk of developing Lung Cancer.

People who have worked in an industry making heavy use of Asbestos (mining, construction, shipbuilding etc) are at the highest risk of Asbestosis, although partners and children who were exposed to year after year of fibres being brought home for laundering on overalls are also at some risk.

Those who were employed in factories, yards and other premises making heavy use of Asbestos in the sixties and seventies should be particularly alert now, as the passing of years means that symptoms are becoming more likely to present themselves.

The earlier Asbestosis is diagnosed the better the chance of avoiding further exposure. The chest should be x-rayed on a regular and frequent basis, and those at risk should also undergo regular lung-function tests.

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