A really interesting project. Launch site content for fashion manufacturing consultant Louise Laing, in which I’ve aimed for a professional but accessible and friendly tone of voice in line with Louise’s intended brand personality. Website content for Louise Laing.

completed: 2014
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About the Consultancy

Louise Laing is a fashion product consultancy based in London, UK.

Led by Louise herself, we provide an expert and flexible consulting service able to help you with every aspect of taking women’s, mens or children’s fashion products from your initial designs through to their delivery into the shops.

Our services include sourcing, critical path management and cost analysis; product development and production; quality assurance; and fulfilment, distribution and logistics.

We are pleased to provide strategic help, or hands-on implementation, in only those specific areas in which you might need assistance.

Fashion product strategy and action

We are both fashion product thinkers and doers.

We can help you plan, cost and organise production of your ranges on a viable and properly researched commercial basis, and can also help you with active, hands-on implementation of any or all parts of the process.

Wherever you are short on expertise, time or manpower, we’ll be pleased to step in and help.

Solo designers to major labels

With an adaptive and flexible approach to our work, we are an ideal partner for designers, labels and fashion houses of all sizes.

We are always happy to meet inexperienced designers who need assistance in taking a collection into production. We maintain partnerships with excellent factories set up for smaller runs, in addition to our relationships with factories producing at commercial volume.

We are able to add valuable experience and resource to smaller or recently launched labels needing to establish a reputation for quality and dependable production. We can work with larger companies requiring help with a specific project, such as relocating manufacturing, restructuring distribution or introducing an entirely new product range.

Sustainability and value

We are committed to helping fashion companies move swiftly towards environmentally sustainable and responsible manufacturing and marketing.

We are members of the Institue of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), and encourage all our clients to consider sustainability as a significant influence on decisions at each stage of their sourcing, production and distribution. We support efforts within fashion to curtail the release of hazardous chemicals into the water supply by 2020.

Wherever possible, we also encourage clients to eliminate wastage from their sourcing, production and distribution, optimising value and making their own businesses more efficient. Our approach is based on the widely practiced LEAN methodology.

Louise Laing is based in London, UK. Prior to setting up the Consultancy, Louise herself spent 15 years working throughout the supply chain in the luxury sector of the fashion industry, focusing primarily on development, sourcing and production. You can read more about Louise, here.

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