I wrote this self-confident and good natured single page site for West London surveyor John Meredith FRICS, who trades as helpfulsurveyors.com. On a project of this kind, tone of voice is everything, and I’m pleased at having captured something of my client’s own gracious good nature in the first person copy. Single page parallax website for helpful surveyors.com.

completed: 2014
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.

“At your service.” And yes. I mean it. Not planning on changing things at my age, and that’s the way it’s always been.


So. That’s me, really. John Meredith FRICS.
Nice, helpful surveyor.
RICS? Yes of course!
You’ll find me on the Old Brompton Road, right across the road from Brompton Cemetery. Been here since… oooh… now you’re asking me. 1985. Good Lord.
Well. All I can tell you is that in that time I’ve surveyed a lot of houses. A lot.
Big ones. Small ones. Edwardians. Victorians. Georgians. Between the wars. Post war.
Detached. Semis. And more terraces than I can count.
Flats, too of course. Mansion flats. House conversions. The lot.
So… there aren’t many types of Central London or West London property I haven’t poked my nose into, spotted this with, investigated that on… and written up a jolly thorough report about.

Well you asked! If it’s in Central London (and especially West London), it’s definitely in my area. And even if you’re further out, I’d be absolutely delighted to hear from you.


There’s hardly a street in Central or West London on which I haven’t mounted scaffold, crawled into lofts, delved in basement’s, peered at end walls or exhibited some other curious surveying behaviour over the last 30 odd years.
If your property is in Chelsea, South Kensington, Fulham, Brompton, Knightsbridge or any of those other lovely parts of West London, there’s a reasonable chance I may even have set foot in it before!
Bottom line is, if you’re buying or doing work on any residential property in town, in the London suburbs or even out into Middlesex, Surrey, Bucks, and Berkshire, I’d be very pleased to look at it for you.


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