This was a fascinating project, in which publisher Meade Investments had hired me to define the character of a fictitious lifestyle writer, who would then publish a string of daily newsletters, in character. This sample is from a set of 4 autoresponders used to elicit sign ups for the newsletters, and it’s written in the ‘down home’, common sense tone of voice I’d defined for the character. Autoresponder signup emails for Meade Investments.

*If no image of the finished project is available, my .pdf copyvisual or .docx copysheet is shown in its place.


Great Tips For Getting More Out of Life.




My name is Clint Parks.

Each day, I spend a whole lot of hours at my PC looking out ideas, tips and deals to help folk have more fun, discover more interesting things, and make their money go a little further.

I read through dozens of the very best email newsletters from other writers on health and money and families and all kinds of everyday things, and pull out stuff I figure you’ll want to hear about. Then once a week I round it all up into my own email newsletter. (It’s OK… those other writers are real happy about it!)

It takes about 2 minutes to read, and if I say so myself those just might be the most valuable couple of minutes in your week. Fix yourself a coffee, take a little break from your day and see what you find.


I figured out long ago that no matter what we earn, none of us EVER has quite as much money as we’d like. So wherever I can, I try to show folks ways to earn a few bucks extra for themselves, too!

Now I would be pleased just to have you as a new reader of my newsletter, and you’re sure welcome to sign up to receive it absolutely FREE, but if you use this link to sign up for my Premium Member agreement then you can earn from my email newsletter yourself!

As a Premium Member, you’ll earn rewards any time you buy anything that’s been recommended in one or other of the items I’ve highlighted in the newsletter, as well as any time you refer someone else who signs up as a Premium Member themself. Best of all, as a Premium Member you earn rewards every time someone you’ve referred buys something I’ve highlighted!

Premium Members enjoy other benefits too, like free access to the back archives of both my own newsletter and any others you’ve decided to subscribe to individually. Anyway, if you click here you can read all about how that works.


Sure you can. And if you want to, you can carry on receiving it, and any of the individual email newsletters I highlight from, for as long as you like, without it costing you a cent!

Why not click this link and come take a look what it’s all about?



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