This was a really challenging task. Giftmouse is an engine for helping shoppers select gifts for relatives and friends. Users position a set of sliders along ‘value’ spectra between two personality traits (‘Outgoing’ and ‘Introvert’, for example), describing the person for whom they wish to choose a gift. Based on their slider positions along a dozen or so value pair spectra, the engine makes recommendations of gifts. My task was to write a dozen sets of 10 ‘tool tip’ calibrations, showing the user what kind of personality condition is represented by each position he or she chooses. The difficulty of the task, however, lies in the fact that in spectrum pairs of this kind, each end of a scale represents a ‘strong’ position, while the centre represents a weak version of both ends! Trust me… it’s a really difficult logic puzzle! I’ve just included one of the twelve lines of values in the example, below. Calibrated ‘value scales’ for gift e-tailer Giftmouse

*If no image of the finished project is available, my .pdf copyvisual or .docx copysheet is shown in its place.


  • Unadulterated testosterone. Bloke amongst blokes. Beer. Sport. Mates. No dress sense.
  • Manly is as manly does. Action movies, sport, curry set to lethal. Does like his clothes, though.
  • Marries vigorous stubble and love of the outdoors with an unexpected interest in figure skating.
  • Many healthy guy interest… combined with a sincere concern for what you’re feeling.
  • Male with no sign of macho. The whole new-guy thing and seriously big on the grooming.
  • We are all on a spectrum. Male to Female. And some of us proudly hold centre ground.
  • Feminine, yes. Girly, never. There is nothing unfeminine about a 1000 cc engine and leathers.
  • Gentle, caring, nicely dressed… but calm and in control when changing a wheel.
  • A harmonious balance of stylish feminity and liking for TV, football, pizza and a nice cold beer.
  • Soft, pink and fragrant. With just a cutesy little tendency to be one of the boys now and then.
  • All ‘she’. Moisturises while reading gossip mags before taking the Yorkie for a walkie.

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