Business opportunities, or biz ops, represent an enormous market, and a particular subset of this market for which I’m often asked to write is what’s known as ‘internet marketing programs’. These businesses use a particular approach to direct marketing to sell information products (DVDs and manuals in most cases). The approach requires lengthy, 10 to 12 page sales letters written in a way which overrides the reader’s logical reticence by the sheer, hypnotic force of its promise. While many US based copywriters write in this style (which people not involved in this kind of marketing may view as heavy-handed), very few UK writers are able to. I’ve uniquely developed my own version of the style appropriate for the UK market, where the original US form tends to be viewed as so blatant as to be laughable. Internet marketing sales letter for Annamik Ltd.

completed: 2006
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A slice of the internet’s incredible money bonanza would put Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds in your bank account.

Here’s how to make sure you get it and bank it.

Dear Friend,

Let’s not beat around the bush.

You know the money’s out there!

It’s no secret now just how much money is being made, day after day, using the power of the internet to create cash generating, home-run businesses.

Thousands of pounds every month.


There are even well documented cases of ordinary people…people who aren’t vastly experienced in business and who certainly aren’t experts in any kind of computing or internet matters… succeeding in building home run businesses able to put TENS OF THOUSANDS OF POUNDS EVERY MONTH (that’s right – ten, twenty, thirty…as much as FORTY thousand pounds in a single month) into their bank accounts.

Think about that.

Even at the lowest end of that kind of result…ten thousand pounds every month means £120,000 a year going into YOUR account.

And the best thing is…unlike almost any other kind of career change or new business venture…the vast majority of businesses of this kind DON’T REQUIRE their owners to give up their existing jobs!

Read on and we’ll explain to you how people who want to keep working in their current jobs have been able to build successful businesses that earn THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF POUNDS for them month after month…while they keep going out to their normal job.

EVEN MORE EXCITINGLY…you’ll see how OVER 70% of these people do eventually decide to GIVE UP their jobs and work from home, concentrating on their new business.

AFTER ALL…why would you carry on working in a job for very long once you could see that your bank account was bulging more and more every month from a business that you could stay at home to run?

It wouldn’t make any sense, would it?

Once your home-run business is delivering you thousands and thousands of pounds EVERY SINGLE MONTH, you’re free to choose when you put in the few hours each week that it takes to look after it and make sure that money just keeps on coming in.


Aside from that… your time is actually, really, your own.

All the money you need and MORE…PLUS…as much time as you like to spend with your family, play golf, walk your dog…or just sit around and watch TV.

Can anything this profitable really be that easy?

That’s a very natural question, and the fact that you’re asking it shows that you’re not the kind of person to be taken in by ‘get rich quick’ ideas or schemes.

You’re probably the kind of person, though, who understands that KNOWING ABOUT AND UNDERSTANDING an opportunity is the surefire secret way to GUARANTEE that you’re able to capitalise on it.

Simply realising that ‘the internet’ is a great place to make money isn’t going to get you very far.

(It’s a bit like recognising that having premises in a busy shopping centre would be a great way to make money! You’d still need to understand the different kinds of shop, cafe or other business you could run in your premises, and be able to judge which would be best for making money and – just as importantly – which would be most ENJOYABLE for you to run.)

So what you need as a first step to unlocking YOUR OWN PERSONAL SLICE OF THE INTERNET BILLIONS is to take a good, broad look at the most successful methods people are using to generate massive personal incomes on the internet right now.

This kind of comprehensive look gives you what leading business consultants refer to as a helicopter view of the opportunity.

That’s the kind of overview that lets you really make a proper, considered choice of the right kind of business for you to start. This kind of highly valuable perspective HAS BEEN PROVEN to dramatically increase your chances of achieving MONEY MAKING SUCCESS in new business development.

How can you get the kind of overview that ensures you money making success?

What you need is information which lets you understand, – in simple, direct terms, in plain English and without trying to fox you with business jargon – what the options are for building the kind of home-run business that is ALREADY PROVEN capable of generating THOUSANDS OR TENS OF THOUSANDS of pounds a month.

Information like this is often hard to get, as it involves a large amount of research and compiling by an author or editor to produce a really usable guide.

Guides which DO offer the kind of information you need are generally extremely costly, because of the work involved in producing them, and often sell for UPWARDS OF £700 each.


As distributors of business information aimed at the entrepreneur and smaller self employed business person, we have been looking for some time to put together a pack which really can give people who want to build a BIG-MONEY GENERATING home-run business all the information they need to understand and weigh up the kinds of business they might get involved in.

Information of this kind is often published in dry, written form, which means you have to wade through page after page of material to find the facts you want.

Our aim has been to find PROVEN SUCCESSFUL material available as easy to watch and learn from DVDs.

Educational research has shown that DVD is now THE BEST FORMAT for people to learn from, making it possible for you just to sit back and watch as the information is presented to you, while being able to pause, run back and rewatch sections that you’d like to study more fully.



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