Physitrack is a unique e-health provider; the developer of a superb video and feedback platform for use in rehabilitation from injury. I’ve written this remarketing email in a friendly and enthusiastic tone designed to encourage retrial amongst early enquirers. Remarketing email for e-health provider Physitrack.

completed: 2015
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Come Back And See What We’ve Done To Physitrack


Physitrack. It’s time to come back and take another look.

Hi Alan

It’s a while now since you registered with Physitrack.

I’m guessing you must have been interested by what we were doing, but maybe didn’t want to leap right in at that time?

Physitrack 2.0 Now’s definitely the time to take another look.

We’ve just released a ground-up rebuild of Physitrack.

There are over 1000 beautifully made rehab videos in our library, and more added every month.

And we’ve now got stylish, native iOS and Android apps so your patients can follow their rehab program on their phones.

 Try us again, FREE.

We’d really like you to try Physitrack again. Physitrack 2.0.

So if you log in now using the details you signed up with, you’ll see we’ve reset your FREE, 3 Patient Trial so it’s valid until 31 March 2015.

(If you’ve lost your login info, just click here.)

Use Physitrack for all your patients for less than half price.

If you like the new Physitrack, you can begin using it with all your patients for a subscription of $99 for the first year, if you are an SMA, ESSA, CAA or COCA member, instead of the usual $199.

You’ll see where to claim your discount when you subscribe.

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