This release, in which I’ve used a standard, journalistic tone of voice still in sympathy with the voice I’d previously established for the brand, announces a significant collaboration between Physitrack and a major NHS Trust partner. Press release for e-health provider Physitrack.

completed: 2015
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St George’s Hospital NHS Trust embraces e-health through partnership with UK based app provider.


St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the trust responsible for St George’s Hospital in Tooting as well as for top teaching hospital St George’s, University of London, is taking a huge step forward in its adoption of technology driven e-health with a landmark partnering with UK-based app developer, Physitrack.

St George’s will use Physitrack’s app-based rehabilitation platform in both research and clinical situations. The app enables physiotherapists and related practitioners to provide patients with custom built, video-demonstrated rehab programmes, to monitor and intervene in patient progress in real time, and to extract comprehensive data for study.

St George’s Foundation Trust itself will increase its involvement in e-health through the acquisition of a minority holding in Physitrack.

“St George’s is excited to be entering into this relationship with Physitrack”, commented the Trust’s Director of XXXXXX, Firstname Secondname. “We are committed to e-health and the contributions it will make to both treatment and the economics of healthcare in the years ahead. In partnering with Physitrack, a provider which has already demonstrated its commitment to clinical as well as technological excellence, we are ensuring the Trust’s clinicians, researchers and patients, as well as the Trust itself, can begin to benefit from this advance immediately.”

E-health app means real benefits for patients and clinicians.

Physitrack’s video-based rehab programmes will be integrated into day to day treatment by St George’s physiotherapists and other clinicians. These will replace traditional, illustrated rehab exercise instructions with clear, simply understood instruction videos which are followed by patients on a mobile phone or tablet app.

Clinicians can monitor patient adherence, progress and pain-levels in micro detail, while academic understanding of clinical effectiveness and patient adherence to app-delivered treatments will also be facilitated.

Exciting prospects opened up for research.

Researchers working at St George’s in areas such as sports medicine, trauma and routine injury, as well as those investigating best practices and effectiveness in e-health, will also benefit from access to the Physitrack platform.

With e-health a key component in future healthcare, St George’s will be at the forefront of practical understanding of its application and possibilities.

“Physitrack is delighted to have been adopted by St George’s”, said Nathan Skwortsow, Co-Founder and CTO of Physitrack. “The take up of the Physitrack platform by an NHS Trust with such a leading role in both clinical care and academic research further advances the use e-healthcare, and we are confident will prove of real value to St George’s patients, clinicians and research students. We are also honoured to have St George’s show its commitment to Physitrack by taking a minority stakeholding in our business.”



Physitrack. The leader in rehab e-health.

Currently in use in Australia, the Netherlands and the UK, UK based Physitrack was developed with the assistance of the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne.The platform contains more than 1500 purpose-filmed exercise videos, supervised in filming by experienced rehabilitation professionals. The videos can be quickly and easily compiled into rehab programmes by physios and other clinicians. Patients receive daily prompts to complete their programme, recording their adherence, pain levels and any comments on completion of each exercise. Physitrack then charts these this feedback for the clinician in real time, creating a continuous link patient-clinician link throughout rehab.

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