I’ve backwritten this Voiceover script for a production company specialising in property marketing, and keen to show their client how this film would feel withe a VO providing a more aspirational experience than the expected narration of property specifications. This version didn’t make it into use (which is why the guide reading you can hear is simply my own paltry effort), but I’m still pleased with how it feels, as were the production company. Voiceover script for property development Acton Park.

completed: 2019
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Drone shot passing over the park and lake.

The two shots of pigeons.

So very green.

So very peaceful.

So very normal

So very friendly.

So very yummy.

So very relaxing.

So very enterprising.

So very connected.

So very well catered for.

So very well served.

So very central.

So very thought through.

So very well planned.

So very light.

So very safe.

So very varied.

So very welcoming

So very beautiful

So very warm.

Acton Gardens.

So very you.

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