I wrote this third-party site professional profile page for a psychotherapist and counsellor for whom I devised full website content a year or two previously. In many ways, this task is similar to writing professional profiles on LinkedIn, or even to appear on one’s employer’s site. The tone of voice stands in for the client herself, representing her intelligent and open approach to her practice and her clients. Professional profile page for psychotherapist Zainab Mohamed.

completed: 2020
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The world today demands a great deal of us. We must not only be able to manage our own well-being, but must also be able to manage our relationships  with partners, family, friends and colleagues with an ease, confidence and proficiency which for many can prove challenging.

Throughout our lives, we all develop personal ‘coping’ behaviours to help us deal with challenging or traumatic relationships and situations. These events will frequently have occurred during childhood, though they may also be things that happened during adolescence or earlier in our adult life.

My counselling, psychotherapy and couples counselling work is based on the idea that these ‘learned’ behaviours can frequently hinder or disrupt the relationships we are involved in today.

By exploring, understanding and encouraging you to retrain your responses to situations which are adversely affecting your life, my aim is to facilitate the building of a happier and more joyful existence in which you enjoy more comfortable relationships with those around you.

My Philosophy

I believe that we all have the potential to live a life that is fulfilling and happy, rather than enduring a life made difficult by behaviours with which we have been unwittingly programmed by past events.

We have all suffered ‘injuries’ of one kind or another as we have progressed through life, and  some of these are of course more traumatic and far reaching than others. Our response, however, has always been to learn ways to cope so as to survive.

Because we then go on unconsciously repeating and replaying the behaviours we have acquired, they frequently cause serious problems in our life and relationships as adults.

By enabling, inviting and supporting exploration of these behaviours, and facilitating healing, learning and change from within, counselling and psychotherapy can enable us to live happily (and, again, joyfully) with ourselves and with others.



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