Geneva-based DIVA AG provides cross-platform distribution of high quality film and TV series video content, acting as a market-maker for rights owners on the one hand, and platform operators and hardware brands on the other. I work one to one with the company’s CEO, whose schedule makes it difficult for him to keep releases up to date with the fast-paced developments in his company. He sends me quick notes, and I author releases for him within a few hours.Press release from ongoing stream for VoD distributor DIVA AG.

completed: 2010
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DIVA AG unveils Viewster consumer brand.

DIVA AG, the cross-platform supplier of digital movie and TV content, has unveiled the brand name under which its consumer distribution offer will be launched.

The service, which will launch in Beta on 18 October and has been referred to in the trade until now simply as DIVA TV, will be branded ‘Viewster’.

Announcing the brandname at DIVA AG’s Zurich headquarters, Managing Director Kai Henniges said, “Viewster is a cool, contemporary brandname selected to sum up what it is that our service helps our users to do: view quality content. A strong brand is critical in the entertainment space, and DIVA is confident that Viewster has the memorability necessary to secure a place in users’ consciousness. Our B2B offer will continue to be called ‘DIVA Pro’, the name under which it has already enjoyed much success.”

Viewster name to be gain wide exposure.

The Viewster brand will enjoy widespread visibility, with DIVA AG having in place strategic partnerships with major manufacturers including LG, Loewe, Philips, Samsung and Sharp, with many more in the pipeline.

Take-up of the service so far by manufacturers and platform operators means that Viewster will provide a ubiquitous, cross-platform viewing experience in over 30 countries. In addition to distribution via connected TVs, Viewster will be available to mobile users with Android phones and, shortly, to users of Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Viewster provides unique viewing experience.

The Viewster service is uniquely-positioned. It combines popular classic and current Hollywood movies, and TV series, on demand, in a well-arranged catalogue that makes it easy for viewers to find programs they want to watch without having to navigate through thousands of irrelevant titles.

Content can be purchased as single shows or as packages, with users making payment via credit or debit card, mobile debit or Paypal. A subscription model is set to follow when Viewster goes live in 2011.

The Viewster catalogue is continuously augmented with new releases in genres like action, comedy, thrillers and hit series. To stay fresh, Viewster will refresh around 20 percent of the catalogue annually.

The Viewster widget gives access to new content Day and Date on a tVoD basis. The line up of current titles is then complemented with selected, thematically related, movies and series which Viewster users can view free of charge with targeted video ads inserted dynamically.

In most markets, Viewster users belonging to expat communities also benefit by being able to access high quality minority content, including the best Bollywood, Turkish, Russian and Arabic movies and drama series, via the service.


Founded in 2007, DIVA AG is a privately held company based in Zurich, Switzerland with offices in San Jose, Berlin, New York, Paris and London. Through its DIVA Pro brand, the company is a leading supplier of movies, TV series and short form contents, delivering content to video on demand platforms and connected devices globally. DIVA’s customers are over-the-top platforms, IPTV operators and device manufacturers in Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA. The content focus is on award-winning films, true classics and genre content. Content management, normalisation, secure delivery and reporting are handled by DIVA’s proprietary software platform. DIVA’s direct to consumer service, Viewster, is currently in beta and due for a Q1 2011 launch.

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