Geneva-based DIVA AG provides cross-platform distribution of high quality film and TV series video content, acting as a market-maker for rights owners on the one hand, and platform operators and hardware brands on the other. I work one to one with the company’s CEO, whose schedule makes it difficult for him to keep releases up to date with the fast-paced developments in his company. He sends me quick notes, and I author releases for him within a few hours. Press release from ongoing stream for VoD distributor DIVA AG.

completed: 2010
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LG Smart TV users join DIVA AG’s growing audience.

DIVA AG’s catalogue of classic and current Hollywood movies and award-winning independent films has been made available to users of LG’s Smart TV platform in over 30 territories across the Americas, Europe and the Mid East.

Smart TV users are now able to access DIVA’s high-quality content catalogue with the beta release of DIVA’s video-on-demand app Viewster, which has received an enthusiastic reception and achieved strong take-up in its first few days. Thousands of video streams were delivered on the first day.

The partnering of DIVA with LG, as the manufacturer’s only global VoD partner, delivers DIVA’s high-quality content, via Viewster, to owners of the manufacturer’s connected TV’s, BlueRay players, set top boxes, home theatre products and projectors.

“LG is a leader in offering connected devices globally,” said Elizabeth Cowley, Senior VP Global Partnerships at DIVA AG. “This makes them a great fit for Diva and a strategically important partner. We are pleased to partner with LG, and delighted that Viewster will now be available in 18 languages, and in 30 countries, across all LG connected equipment.

DIVA’s Viewster gives LG owners Day and Date releases and free content.

Viewster gives users of Smart TV immediate access to an extensive catalogue of movies and TV series, which can be bought individually or in 5, 10 or 25 Euro packages. Free to view movies with advertising content will be added to this before the end of 2010. Once Viewster launches its full service in Q1 2011, Smart TV users will be able to subscribe to view content.

DIVA adds action, comedy, thriller and other popular genre new release movies (along with further hit TV series) to its catalogue on a continuous basis. Where possible, Smart TV users will be able to enjoy releases Day and Date.

Viewster. Fresh content and support for expatriate LG users.

DIVA refreshes some 20 percent of its catalogue each year, with each title being offered for at least 3 months, ensuring LG’s Smart TV users will benefit from a consistently varied and exciting choice of viewing.

LG Smart TV users who are members of expatriate communities will also now be able to locate and view top quality minority content, with Viewster providing access to the best Turkish, Russian and Arabic movies and drama series.

About Diva AG

Founded in 2007, DIVA AG is a privately held company based in Zurich, Switzerland with offices in San Jose, Berlin, New York, Paris and London. Through its DIVA Pro brand, the company is a leading supplier of movies, TV series and short form contents, delivering content to video on demand platforms and connected devices globally. DIVA’s customers are over-the-top platforms, IPTV operators and device manufacturers in Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA. The content focus is on award-winning films, true classics and genre content. Content management, normalisation, secure delivery and reporting are handled by DIVA’s proprietary software platform. DIVA’s direct to consumer service, Viewster, launched in beta during November 2010, and will formally go live with all features in Q1 2011.

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