This fast turnaround release was written for events company AOK Events, to promote the launch of their Eventrax platform for event management. I’ve stuck to a standard release structure, keeping the information clearly organised and signposted. Press release for launch of event management platform Eventrax

completed: 2020
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Top Events specialist launches Eventrax platform for In-House management of ‘Events Inventory’.

Leading Corporate Events management group AOK Events has launched a powerful, web-based platform to help Organisations bring order, efficiency and accountability to the management, and monitoring of their Events Inventory.

‘Events Inventory’ (the collective stock of tickets and invitations a company has available for personal or client entertainment use by its staff) may include valuable places at entertainment and sporting events, as well as awards ceremonies, speaker engagements, conferences and other corporate hospitality and sponsorship events.

Eventrax imposes visibility, order and control.

Eventrax brings visibility, order and control to the management of an organisation’s Events investment and ticket availability, according to Alex H_____, CEO of AOK Events.

“Large organisations – even medium SME’s – can be making sizeable investments in tickets for conferences, industry events and awards dinners; not to mention sports events, concerts and other opportunities for corporate entertaining. On top of that, they may have a substantial investment in events which they themselves host.

If selection, booking, invitations and available inventory are being ‘spreadsheet managed’ by a variety of disparate stakeholders, there can be confusion, unfairness and significant waste across the business, not to mention a lack of any meaningful way of measuring ROI”, Hewitt explains.

Eventrax cuts labour and opens up Events visibility

Developed to a specification based on AOK’s huge experience in managing Events and Hospitality for a roster of corporate clients that includes Deloitte, Virgin Business, Microsoft, Oracle and Warner Bros, Eventrax draws together the four key functions involved in efficient management of an organisation’s Events activity and investment.

Combining the management of inventory, ability to make bookings, a powerful invitation and RSVP handling suite and a sophisticated tracking tool for monitoring and reporting spend, usage and other key metrics, Eventrax not only helps staff attending or managing invitations to events, but also provides Finance, Compliance, Procurement and Marketing with granular reporting invaluable to optimising efficiency.

Alex H______, CEO AOK Events: “Eventrax is designed for organisations with anything from a handful of possible event attendees up to those with thousands. It has carefully configured ‘default’ subscription levels, as well as the flexibility its functionality and branding to be customised in line with an organisation’s specific needs.”


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