This landing page, written for South West London local magazine The Clapham Clipper in an energetic and informal voice, receives click thrus from emails sent to several thousand local businesses, aiming to engage them as contributors and advertisers. Landing page for The Clapham Clipper.

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Tell Us What’s Interesting About Your Business… and Let’s Get 60,000 Clapham Clipper Readers Excited About It.

Each month, we put 30,000 printed copies of Clapham Clipper through the doors of Clapham homes with a value of £340k or more.

We know from our research that each copy gets read on average by 2 people.

So that’s 60,000 readers.

That’s not to mention the readers who look at our online edition on their iPads, phones or laptops.

They’re hungry for news… and we’re hungry for stories.

Clipper readers live or work in Clapham. Some of them do both.

They’re always on the lookout for interesting SW4 shops, professional services, restaurants and bars… and they absolutely love discovering new tradespeople and crafts businesses that can help them make their homes more beautiful.

We don’t just like to give them ads though. That’s not the Clipper way.

Your business would make a great Clapham Clipper story.

We like to give our readers involving editorial about what’s happening around them in Clapham.

We like to tell them about Clapham businesses and the Clapham people who own and work in them. We like stories that bring the neighbourhood and its businesses to life.

So we work with our advertisers to feature them and their businesses in our editorial. It adds value to their ads, and it makes the Clipper more popular with every issue.

Tell us the most exciting thing about your business that we can write about.

Fill in the form and tell us what there is about your business that people need to know. Don’t hold back. We want you to big yourself up.

We’ll give you a call and have a chat about it, and we’ll start thinking about how we can work you and your business into the articles we’re planning for forthcoming issues of the Clipper.

Of course we’d like to talk to you about advertising with us as well.

But with ad opportunities starting at just £134* a month, we can find an exciting opportunity for any business’s budget.

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