It can be difficult for an individual to distill the essence of their professional persona into the short, punchy format demanded by the LinkedIn Profile introduction. This may be especially true at a time when the individual is transitioning from one career phase into another or, as in this case, launching a new venture of their own. I’ve kept this clean and brief, but injected it with the sense of quiet confidence its owner has earned over a long and successful career to date. LinkedIn Personal Profile for property development consultant Bob Shattock.

completed: 2021
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After twenty years spent working with some of the UK’s leading property brands, I set up Greatwave Property, an expert consultancy helping landowners, developers and investors to unlock development value and optimise real estate.

Originally a Chartered Surveyor and Chartered Town Planner, and possessing substantial experience in acquisition, planning, investment, valuation and disposals across numerous property sectors and markets, my time is now divided between leading business development for Greatwave, and providing expertise and insight to help our clients realise the potential of their assets.

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