This project from Penguin, via their promotions agency, called for the development of a website tone of voice reminiscent of the laddish tone of magazines like FHM and GQ. Website content for Penguin Books ‘Good Booking’ promotion.

completed: 2005
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Good looking women want good booking men.

As a bloke, you probably think great looking girls are all on the lookout for great looking guys with great looking wallets.

But women aren’t as shallow as we are, and even the coolest, most beautiful girls are just as likely to be trying to find a decent guy with a little something between his ears.

Bang! Get a book! There’s nothing quite like sitting around with a book to make the next babe to notice you outside a café, on a train or in the park, glance at you a second time and wonder whether maybe she’s found her very own literary hero.

You may not even need to read your book. You could try simply carrying it around. Bend the covers and let it stick out of your pocket a bit.

Who knows? It might just be enough to make some girl think you’re seriously ‘Good Booking’.

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