When writing this campaign for Interflora, I created a tone of voice for Mercury, the winged messenger who is the organisation’s symbol. Though I was helped by having the canvas of television to set the idea of the campaign, the idea translated with great charm into press ads. I particularly like the strapline I was able to create for this campaign, too. Campaign of TV and tactical press ads for Interflora.

“Might I point out that scarves and gloves are not the only way to make people feel warm at Christmas?”

It’s a feat flowers perform beautifully as well, whether for a friend down the road, or a relative on the other side of the world.

if you visit or phone your local Interflora florist, you’ll find four special Christmas arrangements from around £12.95 to £30.00.

Or order via the Interflora Flowerline. 0524 304545.

Interflora. Guaranteed to get to her.

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