At the time of writing these ads for JVC, camcorders recording direct to an on-board hard disk, as opposed to removable media such as tapes or discs, were a brand new concept. This is one of 6 ads I wrote to explain the concept to people who had become familiar with on-board hard disks through owning an iPod or similar MP3 player. Campaign of 6 double page press ads for JVC Everio HDD Camcorders.

*If no image of the finished project is available, my .pdf copyvisual or .docx copysheet is shown in its place.

Hard disc technology has changed
the way you listen.
Now it can change the way you shoot.

Everio HDD. A new generation of camcorders that record for hours on end without tapes or discs.

Using the same kind of built-in hard disc your personal hi-fi uses, Everio HDD camcorders store up to 30 hours of video, right there on the camera itself.

(Even at the highest resolution possible, they save 10 hours of incredible quality video.)

Then, whenever you choose, you just connect the camera to your PC, VCR or DVD/HDD recorder and burn the scenes you like to whichever medium you like.

The best thing is…you only ever burn the good stuff.

You just leave all the ‘wasted’ filming, all the stuff you don’t want, on the camera and save over it, instead of having it filling up expensive discs or tapes you never look at again.

Hard disc technology has already changed the way you store your music.

With an Everio HDD camcorder, it’ll change the way you store your memories, too.

Everio HDD camcorders. No tapes. No discs. No contest.

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