Having commissioned a 3D film for use by their educators in ‘warming up’ schoolchildren at the start of a classroom presentation, the National Marine Aquarium team had thought about marine science, but not about film narrative. This had resulted in a film that was neither especially engaging not interesting to watch. As the children viewing would include those of primary age, I felt it was vital to introduce an empathetic story with a proper arc to it. This involved flipping the NMA’s planned story on its head, making the film’s original hero into its anti-hero. A successful technical rewrite, and a project on which I was also fortunate enough to direct the voice artist in the studio, ensuring a performance that delivered the intention and pace of the script. Educational classroom video for National Marine Aquarium.

completed: 2018
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Here’s my presentation storyboard, showing the new script paced through the flow of the existing cut of the film with which the project was first sent to me.

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