This is not one landing page, but many. My client, who is a successful entrepreneur and business operator, had created an eBay business for his wife and daughter to run in tandem. I constructed this template landing a page in such a way that the same framework can be reused time after time by them to create a new piece of copy, simply slotting in new copy at the points in the template I had indicated, and following guidelines I provided. I’ve subsequently done this with similar success in a number of other situations. Templated eBay product page for merchant Jazz Trad.

completed: 2011
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Give your room a cool, new makeover with these Funky Blue Flowers Wall Stickers.

Give your bedroom or den a great new look… fast.

And no having to persuade anyone to get you expensive new wallpaper, either.

With these high quality, removable Funky Blue Flowers Wall Stickers you can give your room the kind of look you see in cool magazines and teen rooms on TV.

Give your room… your look!

These fantastic Funky Blue Flowers Wall Stickers let you make your room look exactly the way YOU want it.

Depending on what colour wall you use them on, how many you use and how you arrange them, you can give your room a look that no-one else will have.

Discover the designer inside you.

These Funky Blue Flowers Wall Stickers don’t just let you give your room a fantastic new look.

They make creating the room a really great project, too.

And you can be sure of getting a result you’ll love. Like all our stickers, the Funky Blue Flowers Wall Stickers are repositionable… so if you don’t like the way your design looks when you add one… just take it down and try it somewhere else.

Funky Blue Flowers Wall Stickers. A whole new room in minutes.

If you can, repaint your room in a great new colour so you have fresh, clean walls, work out a design by holding the stickers up in different parts of the room to see what looks best, then peel off the backing and smooth each sticker right onto the wall, building up your design as you go.

Can’t repaint?

If you’re not allowed to repaint, don’t worry! These vibrant Funky Blue Flowers Wall Stickers will transform the room you have anyway.

All of the effect of a bright, new room… just easier to organise. (And if you get tired of the new look after a bit, you can just peel off the stickers without leaving marks.)

Can’t redesign your whole room?

Got shelves, or posters or furniture covering up lots of your walls?

Doesn’t matter! Even when a room is empty and has just been painted, it often looks best to group the Funky Blue Flowers Wall Stickers together on just one wall.

Or how about the ceiling? That’s often a great place to give your room a new look without having to take everything off your walls.

And if all else fails… try using your Funky Blue Flowers Wall Stickers on a door, a wardrobe or a chest of drawers.

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