This membership invitation email for business networking entrepreneur and angel, Valerie Taylor Roberts, presented the tricky problem of finding a credible way to ‘invite’ people to become the initial membership of an organisation aiming for exclusivity and referral membership. I decided that, in this case, the email really needed to tell the more or less complete story in a clear and straightforward tone of voice, crediting this highly intelligent and discerning audience with the discretion to decide whether to read or skip: register or pass. Email membership invitation for The Upside Club.

completed: 2012
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Your Invitation to Join The Upside Club. A Unique Community of Entrepreneur Advantage.

Dear Amit,

Being an entrepreneur is neither career nor profession.

It is an all absorbing approach to life and work that comes to direct most, if not all, of your decision-making: where you base yourself with whom you associate and socialise where you travel to what you read, watch and think the purchase decisions you make the interests you choose to explore.

The Upside Club has been founded by prominent entrepreneurs and investors to recognise this influence and to provide entrepreneurs with privileges and advantages enhancing their lifestyles in any way possible.

Enjoy the benefits of Membership.

I am pleased to extend to you the Invitation to join The Upside Club. The Club restricts Membership solely to innovation and growth-focused entrepreneurs, and admits Members strictly by invitation. All Members have at leasty one successful company founding to their name.

Membership is entirely complimentary for the first year.

As a Member, you will gain access to:

  • interesting opportunities and advantages relating to services of benefit in your private and entrepreneur lives appropriately appealing travel and accommodation opportunities and advantageous opportunities relating to iconic technology products and services
  • unique and valuable Member to Member opportunities from other Club Members relating to the entrepreneur ventures with which they are involved.

In addition, you will also gain the opportunity to:

  • connect and engage with other entrepreneurs via the the Upside Club’s bespoke networking platform, and via live Upside Club Meetups in entrepreneur hubs around the world
  • make your own business ventures available to other Members by creating unique, high-vale Member opportunities
  • engage with and influence the development of the Club itself for the benefit of the entire entrepreneur community.

Accept now. And gain a year’s complimentary Membership.

We would be delighted if you would accept this Invitation. We will enrol you immediately in our Private Beta so you can experience The Upside Club for yourself.

The Invitation will expire automatically on 31 May 2012 so do, please, register now.

I very much look forward to welcoming you into The Upside Club’s community of entrepreneur advantage.

Valerie Taylor Roberts

CEO & Co-Founder

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