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completed: 2007
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Your Pet and You


Well, Well! Something You and Your Pet Should Actually Be Able To Agree On.

We know. Insuring your pet isn’t the most exciting subject in the world.

We figure that’s why so many owners don’t really check what they’re buying when they sort out insurance.

But most pet insurance, even from respectable companies, limits your pay-out to a flat sum (often £6,000) per condition.

And when you’ve used it up, you’re on your own.

You might think that £6,000 is a lot, but if you have a medium sized dog which gets a common ‘for-life’ ailment like arthritis, £6,000 is likely to pay for about 3 years’ treatment.

Insurance You and Your Pet Can Agree On.

Pinnacle Pet Healthcare is really, truly different.

We give you up to a maximum of £6,000 per condition each year.

So if your pet developed that arthritis, say, there’d be up to £6,000 for treatment this year. And again next year. For life.

That’s why we call it ‘Insurance you and your pet can agree on’.

It’s good for your pet, because if it got ill, it could have the treatment it needed, for life.

And it’s good for you, because however long your pet lived with its condition, you wouldn’t have to dip into your own pocket to pay for treatment.


Read this comparison, and save up to £24,000!

Suppose you took out ‘ordinary’ pet insurance, giving you ‘flat sum’ benefit of up to £6000 per condition.

Then say your pet developed a condition with a treatment bill of £200 per month.

After 21/2 years you’d have used up your ‘flat sum’, the illness would be barred from your policy, and you’d be left to pay for treatment on your own…at £2,400 a year, perhaps for 10 years or more. That’s £24,000!

With a Pinnacle Pet Healthcare ‘Premier’ policy, you’d be covered for up to £6,000 worth of treatment per condition, every year for life.

So each year there’d be another sum of up to £6,000 available to pay for treating your pet’s illness.

You’d never have to dig into your pocket to pay for treatment, no matter how long your pet lived.

Choose Pinnacle Pet Healthcare at a level to suit your pet… and your pocket.

  • PREMIER Up to £6000 per condition per year, for life.
  • CLASSIC Up to £4000 per year for life, with a max of £1000 per condition per year, for life.
  • VITAL Up to £2000 per condition per year for life, with a max of £500 per condition per year, for life.

Whichever one you choose, you and your pet can agree it’s good for both of you.

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