This Front End landing page letter was written for a unique information product created by my internet marketer client, who himself possessed expert knowledge of the burgeoning mobile marketing landscape. Landing page letter for Oshebiz Ltd

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Give Me 10 Minutes And I’ll Show You How You Can Get In On The Ground Floor Of The Biggest Money-Making Opportunity In History.

Dear Friend,

Will you lug your PC with you when you next go round to friends? Or when you go out for a drink?

How about when you go to the shops?

You could take your laptop, couldn’t you? But you won’t.

Do you take your PC on holiday with you, or when you go away for the weekend? Hmm? Does it go to bed with you so you can look at it very last thing before you go to sleep, and very first thing on waking?

No? Well… that, in a nutshell, is why the internet is NO LONGER actually the biggest opportunity there is for you to make money!

And why it’s certainly no longer the biggest opportunity to build an ongoing income that frees you up from your job and gives you a stress-free and comfortable lifestyle that lets you spend more time with your family and friends, and less time working.

So… let’s look at those questions again.

Only this time, let’s ask them about your mobile phone.

Does that go with you when you go round to friends? Of course it does. When you go out for a drink? Yes.

How about when you’re shopping? Yes again!

When you go on holiday? Of course! And ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’ again to ‘Do you have it by you in bed so you can check for texts and emails, or talk to friends on Facebook last thing at night, and then glance at your inbox again first thing in the morning?’

The thing is… with every day that goes by, mobile phones take over more and more from PCs!

First, think about mobile phones themselves.

When they first appeared they just did voice calls. Then they could do text messages as well. But now we all have smartphones that not only do voice and text, they also browse the web, do search, deliver email, provide satellite navigation, play music, take and show photos and videos and run applications that do everything on earth including message and access social networking sites.

So it doesn’t matter whether you happen to spend your day in front of a PC or not.

If you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve got a hugely powerful computer in your hand everywhere you go, day and night.

You only have to look at anyone under about 25 when they’re out and about.

Their phone is helping them make arrangements, grab pictures, book movies, call cabs and know when they’ve arrived, order take-away food, receive discounts, share photos and do a thousand other things that make life easier, more fun and more shared.

Your PC is a tool you can use to get things done. But your phone is an integral part of every waking minute of your life.

Look at the numbers… they’re amazing!

There are currently about 1.2 billion PC’s connected to the internet in the world. There are already 4.3 billion mobile phones and about 3.5 billion users.

There are no countries on earth where EVERYONE has a PC.

Yet some countries now have OVER 200 mobile phone subscriptions for every 100 people in their population! Seriously. For every 100 people in their entire population there are more than 200 mobile phones. Can that really be true? /contd

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