Like all landing pages, this is really a sales letter, trying to persuade investors of the wisdom of shielding funds in precious metals during difficult economic times. The interesting thing for me was to engage with audiences in the middle east, eastern Europe, Far East and Africa for whom political and economic instabilities pose a more immediate and tangible risk than they do for those of us living in the West. Landing page for G. I. Metals.

completed: 2011
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Why you must invest in gold and silver… now.

Right now, the world is experiencing its most far-reaching financial crisis ever.

Your wealth, along with your future comfort and security, are all threatened.

The crisis has been caused by governments, banks and other financial institutions abusing the financial markets to create complex investment vehicles around currencies linked, in the end, to nothing.

The only way the central banks of the world’s major economies can now try to avert disaster is by printing more money but that, of course, devalues their currencies.

The concern for you is that if your wealth is wrapped up in any vehicle linked to these currencies… it could soon be wiped out.

Look at history and see what’s about to happen.

This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened.

When economies fail in this way people with wealth stop investing in anything that is likely to cause their wealth to be reduced (ie. any paper-based investment).

They transfer their resources into precious metals like gold and silver. After all, no-one can decide to print more gold or silver. They are finite resources.

People have used gold and silver as ‘real money’ (and as ways to store wealth in times of crisis), for centuries. Indeed, unlike in previous financial crises, when there were only really Western investors to be affected, many hugely wealthy individuals all over the world are now affected, and very many of them come from cultures where the value attached to gold and silver has never waned.

See how much of their wealth smart investors hold in metals.

Normally, wealthy investors keep between 5% and 15% of their wealth in gold. In the current volatile situation, they are aiming to keep an even higher proportion in gold.

Yet right now, only 1% of the world’s total wealth is invested in gold.

So with every day that goes by, more and more wealth will be switching into gold.

It will go on for a long time… and the price of gold will keep rising as it does so.

To protect your existing wealth… and to actually profit from this situation… it is vital to make sure you are on the right side of this tide of wealth transfer by buying physical gold and silver… NOW.

600%. A very plausible return on gold investments.

The price of gold is currently around $1600 an ounce.

Our estimation is that it will rise to around $10,000 an ounce in the not too distant future.

You can click here to read how we rationalize this.

It could go even higher, but we are confident of seeing gold at $10,000 an ounce in the medium term. That means a potential 600% return on your investment if you buy now.

Silver. Your opportunity to earn an even greater return.

Silver is a slightly different story to gold, as its value shows greater volatility. Whether or not silver is a suitable investment for you will depend on your attitude to this volatility. You can read more about buying silver here.

However, silver is not just in demand as an investment metal… it also has a huge demand from industry. (Silver is used in almost all computers, mobile phones and other modern technology.)

The supply of available silver is now astonishingly small, however. So much so that there is, incredibly, less silver available to buy in the world than there is gold!

Yet while silver has historically had a value equal to about 6% of the value of gold, it is currently priced at less than $30 an ounce… about 2% of the price of gold.

So when the value of silver simply corrects itself to its traditional level in relation to gold, the price will soar from today’s $30 an ounce to over $90 an ounce.

But as the value of gold itself is set to increase to $10,000, the value of silver could rise with it to perhaps $625 an ounce.

If you’ve bought silver at today’s price of around $30 an ounce, that’s a return of over 2000%

Now is the best possible time to invest in gold and silver.

Right now, gold is heavily undervalued… and silver is undervalued further in comparison to gold!

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