This innovative ‘chain letter’ business model seemed to me charming in its ambition. An entirely transparent way for anyone taking part to make a nice but modest sum of money in a few weeks, if everyone kept their end of the deal. The essential job for the copy tone is simply to engender trust in order to persuade potential participants that they were not being scammed. Landing page for The Money List

*If no image of the finished project is available, my .pdf copyvisual or .docx copysheet is shown in its place.

NEW! You Can Make Over £7,800 In The Next 60 Days.

(Without Getting Involved In Unrealistic ‘Internet Marketing’ Schemes.)

Dear Realistic Opportunity Seeker,

How would you like to discover a genuine, new and exciting way you can make a very decent amount of money in a short space of time?

If you’ve read through more than enough of those ‘business opportunity’ websites that offer complicated methods for supposedly making thousands of pounds month after month, you’ll love just how simple this is.

And the simpler something is…the less there is to go wrong!

So if you’d prefer to discover an actual way you can make a realistic, believable amount of money, rather than reading yet more rubbish about how you COULD make amounts that are so big you know from the start they just can’t be true, carry on reading for just a few minutes.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.

If You’re Interested In Really Making A Very Decent Amount Of Money, Keep Reading.

Whether or not you liked maths at school, I’m going to show you the nicest bit of maths you’ve ever seen.

But don’t get worried. It’s not complicated.

In fact it MUST be simple! I thought this up absolutely alone… and I’m no genius, I assure you.

But it means I can guarantee you this isn’t some idea dreamed up years ago by an internet marketer, and now copied and adapted by so many people that there’s no chance of making money from it today.

This is a simple, completely legal, brand new, easy to understand way to make a very nice but totally realistic sum of money.

I’ve called it The Money List.

You’re hearing about it absolutely first-hand, and these are the very first few weeks in which I’m inviting people to join.

You really could make a realistic but very nice sum of money for yourself using this idea.

Like I said at the top of the page, over £7,800 in 60 days would be an easily reachable target.

So… No Mumbo Jumbo. Here’s How It Works.

I’ll go straight in and show you how this works, so you can decide for yourself on the chances you really will make great money from this.

Let’s begin here. This is what we call a Money List.


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