Sporting Excellence are a web publisher in the leisure sector, having written and produced their own sequence of high-quality golf tutor videos, available to view online on a subscription model. In this landing page letter I’m writing on behalf of the golf pro who fronts the videos, conveying a friendly but firm reassurance that the videos will bring about a discernible improvement in the reader’s game. Web landing page for Sporting Excellence.

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In 6 Weeks, You Can Change From the Golfer You Are To The Golfer You Should Be. For Ever.

Dear Self-Improving Golfer,

You may be young or old, tall or short, fit or not-so-fit.

It doesn’t matter.

If we were to sit and talk about what you’d like to change most about your game, I’ll bet you’d have a similar wish to almost every golfer I’ve coached in 20 years as a Class A PGA Golf Pro.

You’d want what everyone wants: consistency.

Most of the 25,000 lessons I’ve given have been to people who simply want to straighten out basic aspects of their game… but then be able to repeat what they’ve learned time after time.

Get it right. Then be consistent.

If you can take your natural swing, understand how it works, make simple modifications and understand precisely what you’re doing, you’ll be a better player… and you’ll have that consistency.

You’ll be able to repeat it shot after shot, round after round.

You’ll be better. And you’ll be consistent.

Better and Consistent. The keys to playing the best golf of your life.

Better and Consistent are the cornerstones of the way I teach golf.

I can’t teach you to be a top Tour Professional (unless you happen to be blessed with almost supernatural temperament, physique and technique).

But for any other golfer, however set in your ways you are or however novice you are, I can show you how to transform your game… and KEEP it transformed.


I’ve built a unique, online tutor program around my Better and Consistent approach.

It’s called 6 Weeks To Great Golf.

When you subscribe, you get immediate and unlimited access to two essential Improvement Plans.

    • The 6 Weeks To Great Golf Full Swing Improvement Plan Hit the ball further and straighter with every club in your bag. Discover how you can hit the fairway or the green time after time, and how to cure your slice and hook… for good.


  • The 6 Weeks To Great Golf Short Game Improvement Plan Master pitching and wedge shots to consistently give yourself makeable birdies. Master the chip shot without endless practice so you can get up and down with absolute consistency. Discover how to stop thinning chip and pitch shots for good.


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