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When you visit Costa Rica, you’ll find yourself surrounded by beaches, mountains, forests, plants and wildlife of unbelievable beauty. With its tropical climate, fast-developing and eco-friendly economy and welcoming local people, Costa Rica promises you a vacation in a natural paradise you’ll never forget.

How Costa Rica got to be the paradise you see today.

In addition to its incredible natural beauty, Costa Rica is one of the fastest developing countries on Earth, but if you are planning on vacationing in the country, it’s interesting to understand a little about our history.

With a population of around 4.5 million people, Costa Rica is a proudly democratic country. With two brief diversions, we have remained so for well over a hundred years, having declared sovereignty and independence in 1838.

Prior to this, the country briefly formed part of the United Provinces of Central America, and before this had been governed by Spain as a colony for over 250 years.

Who is Costa Rica for?

Whether you are coming to enjoy the breathtaking array of birds, insects, animals, trees, plants and flowers, or are planning a romantic vacation, family holiday, or fortnight’s fun in the surf, Costa Rica is for you.

If you’d like your holiday to be active, surfing, scuba diving, hiking and trekking across the volcanoes and through the rain forest are just some of the attractions Costa Rica has in store for you.

If you are seeking either a romantic setting, or a surfing paradise, the beaches on both our Caribbean and Pacific coasts are amongst the most unspoilt to be found anywhere in the world.

Having committed ourselves to becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral country by 2012, Costa Rica is a popular destination for eco-conscious tourists, keen to support our objective while enjoying the astonishing bio-diversity to be found here.

What can you expect to find in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is officially recognised by The Happy Planet Index as the happiest country on Earth. The population is largely of European descent, with somewhere over 10 per cent made up of Nicaraguan immigrants.

In line with our Spanish colonial history, around three quarters of the population are Roman Catholic. Native Indians sadly now number less than 1 per cent of Costa Ricans.

Our climate is tropical. You’ll almost always find the sun shining, and while it can be cold and misty in the mountains, it will be gloriously hot at the beaches on both coasts. The capital San Jose is generally mild all year round.

Spanish is spoken throughout Costa Rica. We have a democratically elected government, well educated populace, good level of employment, and Costa Rican’s enjoy excellent life expectancy.

Our shops and markets are busy and well stocked. The currency of Costa Rica is the Colon, and 500 Colones are approximately equal to one US dollar. There are Visa Plus ATM machines in many places, though these may sometimes dispense only US dollars. However, almost all shops and restaurants will be happy to accept these.

Costa Rica is a small country, and so is easy to tour by bus or rental car, though our roads can be a little challenging for tourists. There are licensed taxis in San Jose that will be happy to drive even long distances.

There are also lots of airstrips through the country, and short domestic, or even charter, flights are a viable option for moving from one part of the country to another.

How far will your money go in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica offers excellent value, and deals available through tour companies at the hotels on our spectacular Caribbean and Pacific beaches can make your visit seem like the bargain of a lifetime, as well as the vacation of a lifetime.

If you’re visiting from the US or Europe, you’ll find your money goes further in Costa Rica than it does at home, (though Costa Rica is not quite as cheap as some of our less developed Central American neighbours.)

As in most places, luxury resorts, restaurants and stores tend to price at ‘international’ rates, but midrange hotel accommodation tends to cost from USD 25 to USD 100 per person per night, and you should be able to buy dinner in a mid-range restaurant for somewhere around USD 20 per person.

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