An interesting project from a committed internet marketer, my task in developing this landing page and site content was largely one of clarification: simplifying the potentially confusing model to ensure that it communicates itself clearly to potential users. In writing on projects of this kind, I see my responsibility as being twofold. It is, of course, my job to make the ‘sell’ on behalf of my client. But I also see it as my responsibility to ensure that those considering using the mechanism fully understand the model they are entering into. Web landing page for internet marketer Traffic-Huge.

*If no image of the finished project is available, my .pdf copyvisual or .docx copysheet is shown in its place.

TrafficHuge. 3 fantastic ways to make money.

1. Advertise

Want to drive traffic to your online businesses? Here’s how.
Use our range of advertising tools to drive traffic and land signups and sales for your online businesses, affiliate pages and subscriptions.

TrafficHuge gives you three ways to get sales, members, or new subscribers using high power advertising tools:

  • WAY 1 – Get a $25 AdPack.

This will mean that an ad banner for your site/s will be served to other Members on the Surf Ads page in their Member’s Area until 15 individual users have clicked it. (PPC Banner Clicks)

A text ad for your site/s will be served to other Members on their Surf Ads page until 500 people have clicked it and viewed it for at least 15 seconds. (Traffic Exchange Ads)

  • WAY 2 – Get LogIn Ad credits

Each credit will get your ad served to one Member on login, as a page after their login page.

  • WAY 3 – Get Paid to Click Ad credits

Each credit will get your ad served to one Member in the Members Area with them having their own financial incentivisation to click the ad.

AdPacks include a revenue share in the site’s earnings as well. But you can buy Traffic Exchange credits and Banner Ads without revenue share, too.




2. Advertise AND Earn

Now… want to earn back the cost of all that traffic… AND make more cash on top?

Traffic Huge gives you FOUR fantastic opportunities to earn back the cost of your traffic, and earn cash, or additional traffic click credits worth $$$, on top.

  • WAY 1 – Buy a $25 AdPack and get clicking.

Buy a $25 AdPack to advertise your own business and then take the time to click 20 ads in a 24 hour period and view each for a minimum of 15 seconds.

This will mean that on that day you will earn – depending on how many Members qualify that day and how much revenue the site earns that day – an equal share of our ad revenue up to a limit of 2% of the value of your AdPack (so $0.50 on a $25 pack). You can do this for up to 55 days. If you did you’d earn $27.50 – so you’d have earned back the full cost of your own advertising PLUS a profit of $2.50.

  • WAY 2 – Surf other Members’ sites.

Surf the sites/pages linked from other Members’ Traffic Exchange ads on the Surf Ads page in your Member’s Area.

All you have to do is click the ads, and stay on the page you link to for either 30 or 60 seconds. For every 4 times you do this, you’ll get one free Traffic Exchange ad for promoting your businesses added to your account.

If you become a Subscription Member of TrafficHuge ($10/month), then each single Traffic Exchange ad you view will earn you 2 Traffic Exchange ad credits. So your paid Membership gears up what you earn for looking at these ads x 8.

  • WAY 3 – Earn affiliate commission.

Earn affiliate fees on the money spent by other Members you introduce.

Earn 10% commission for ever on all Ad Packages purchased by Members you introduced.

Earn a 1:1 matched payment on all Paid to Click commissions earned by Member’s you introduce.

Or become a Subscription Member for $10/month and also:

Earn $5/month (50%) affiliate commission for ever on the monthly Membership of every Member you introduce who also upgrades to Subscription Member status.

  • WAY 4 – Click special Paid to Click ads.

Clicking Paid to Click Cash Ad links from other Members in your Member’s Area.
Stay on the page for 60 seconds to earn $0.02
Stay on the page for 30 seconds to earn $0.01

Earn more! As a Subscription Member you’ll earn an extra $5 per month for every Member you introduce who also becomes a Subscription Member.


3. Just Earn

Not interested in advertising at all?
Just want to make money?
Buy your first AdPack… and get clicking.

Making cash with TrafficHuge couldn’t be easier. You don’t need to have any online business of your own.

Start by buying a basic AdPack for $25.

All you need do then is click 20 ads in a 24 hour period and view each of the links for a minimum of 15 seconds.

In each 24 hour period in which you do this, you’ll earn a share of a pot containing 90% of all of the revenue TrafficHuge earns that day, divided between however many Members click 20 ads that day.

The maximum you can earn each day is 2% of the value of your Adpack. So if you bought a $25 AdPack, your maximum daily earning is $0.5.

But… you can do this for up to 55 days before your AdPack matures.

So you could earn 55 x $0.5 = $27.5 from an AdPack you bought for $25.

That’s a gain of 10%

For doing nothing more than clicking and looking!

We redistribute 90% of all business revenues each day, dividing this equally between qualifying AdPacks that have viewed 20 ads that day for 15 seconds. You can earn up to 2% of the value of your AdPack each day, but the sum earned may be less than 2% on any day.


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