With a combination of hosting services, predefined supplier contracts and easy-to-configure website templates, DPBUK Ltd offers users the unique business platform of a ready-to-roll website preloaded with stock and supported with fulfillment. It’s a great offer, but one which the launch site had failed to communicate clearly. My direct, hard-selling yet simple to follow rewrite has helped turn around the site’s fortunes, evidenced by a huge increase in conversions of visitors signing up for the service. Landing page for DPBUK Ltd.

completed: 2007
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.

Your stock already in place. Your order processing and delivery already working.

A Unique Opportunity to Get a Working, E-Commerce Internet Business of Your Own.

Are you desperate to get your hands on your share of the £26 BILLION now being spent online every year, in the UK alone?

Do you yearn to have your own e-commerce website hauling in sales for you hour after hour, day after day?

Are you being put off by the same problems most people face?

Nothing to sell?

No funds to risk on buying stock?

No idea where you’d keep your stock or how you’d handle order processing and arranging delivery?

No idea how to build an e-commerce website?

Scared of the cost of having one built for you?


The hard part about setting up an e-commerce business is usually finding the right things to sell, and then arranging stocking, order processing and all the practical details of invoicing and delivery.

But at DPBUK Ltd, we’ve created a completely unique new service.

We’ve found big, experienced wholesale businesses, each in a top internet retail category, and each with a warehouse crammed full with exciting products.

We’ve arranged with each of these wholesalers for them to put their products up for sale automatically through the website you build using our system.

We’ve arranged for them to despatch the products you sell direct to your customers for you.

All that’s left for you to do is the simple, enjoyable stuff.

You choose which kinds of products you want your business to sell. (You can do as many as you like, each with its own site.)

You brand and personalise your site using our simple online setup tools. (No coding or programming required.)

You decide what price to sell each item at.

You market your site to family, friends and online to the billions of internet shoppers around the world.

You receive the price you decide to sell each item for, in full, direct from the buyer. Then you pocket the difference between that sum and the cost of buying the item from the wholesaler.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity.

You can start up to 8, fully stocked and supported e-commerce businesses in under 30 minutes for a one-off fee of only £50.


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