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completed: 2010
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By the time you get to the bottom of the page you’ll know EXACTLY how you can make your online business make you £19,200 a month, every month.

Dear Friend, What’s the most exciting thing FOR YOU about your online business? Is it finding money coming into your account at all hours of the day and night? Or is it just knowing that it’s your business… that you own it and that you’re the boss?

How would you like to uncover something EVEN more exciting?

The single most exciting things you can have happen to you as an internet marketer is to make a real breakthrough discovery. When you uncover something new, and that thing unlocks a blockage in your business and then… WOOOOSH! Your business springs forward with a whole new torrent of money pouring in… and it never turns back.

Who REALLY knows most about how to make money?

I’m about to share 4 secrets with you. I hope they’ll be exactly this kind of breakthrough discovery for you. Truth is, they’re not really secrets at all. They’re proven truths about making huge amounts of money by selling things. But it’s where these secrets come from that makes them so important.

Forget about Internet Marketers! Learn from REALLY smart people!

These secrets come from the real, easy to understand world of selling real things that people are really excited about buying to people who then come back to buy again and again. They’re HIGH STREET secrets that come from the richest, busiest, most successful supermarkets, fashion shops, bookshops and stores about how to make people desperate to give you their money day after day. The fantastic thing is, though… if you apply these incredible, simple rules to the way YOU sell information products online… you’ll not be able to believe the results.

Please… keep reading! This is the key to YOU actually making big money.

Secret 1. Unless you have something good to sell, you WILL NOT be able to make big sales.

If you fill a shop with tired old stuff that doesn’t really interest people, no-one buys anything. But if you fill it with exciting new things that people are interested in, you’ll not be able to take their money fast enough! The problem most people trying to sell information products have is finding exciting, high-quality products to sell. And don’t even think about trying to make real money selling internet marketing seminar DVDs. It’s almost impossible for anyone – particularly a new information product marketer – to sell a decent number of those products. Products about internet marketing interest only a small number of people… and if that’s wasn’t bad enough… you’re also competing with lots of other people who are already trying to sell the same thing.

Secret 2. It’s no good having just one product to sell and hoping you’ll make a fortune from it.

Big, successful retailers who make money EVERY minute of every day don’t just sell one product and hope they can keep making money from it. They have LOTS of products. And they keep adding MORE. And they keep seeing the money coming in. You need to do the same.

Secret 3. New products are easier to find than new customers.

Every successful retailer knows that customers are hard to find and that once you’ve got them the most profitable thing you can do is sell more products to the same people. If you have just one product to sell, you continuously have to find new customers. Having new products to offer all the time means the customers you have already will just keep giving you money.

Secret 4. Bigger audiences mean bigger sales.

It’s obvious, yet so many people ignore this when they choose what to sell online. If you sell something not many people are interested in, it’s hard to find someone who may want to buy it. If you sell something that everyone is interested in, there are loads of people who may want to buy it. If you want big sales, and big profits, you HAVE to find things to sell that LOTS of people are interested in. Find a niche, by all means! But find a BIG niche filled with millions of money-waving people.

Stop trying to sell information products about Internet Marketing, and you’ll start making more money!


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