Specialist E-mail marketing consultancy CheetahMail brought me onto the launch of Channel 4 TV’s programme-on-demand download channel, 4oD. The emails, of which this one is the first in an autoresponder sequence of 4, are written with a friendly and informative tone of voice applied across the basic instruction in use of the service. Sequence of 4 HTML-emails for 40D.

*If no image of the finished project is available, my .pdf copyvisual or .docx copysheet is shown in its place.


4OD. Getting Into It.



Hey! Steve!

So you signed up for 4oD! Thank you!

Now you’ve got it, you can download just about any program that’s on Channel 4, or that’s been on Channel 4, as well as a whole e-warehouseful of big movies, and watch them when you want, full screen, max quality, on your PC.

So how do you get your shows onto your PC?

Finding Stuff You Like

Click on the ‘4’ icon on your desktop to launch the 4oD application.

It has a really good Search.

If you’re looking for a particular show, just type in its name.

If you’re looking for a type of show (Comedy, say, or Drama) type that in.

Or if you just want to watch something, check out the stuff in our Editor’s Choice.

Rent It? Or Buy it?

When you’ve found a show you want, click on Rent (or ‘Own’ if you want it for ever and ever.)

First it’ll ask you to confirm your email and password.

Then it’ll check that you want the show you’re downloading charged to your registered credit card. (If you want to pay on a different card, it’ll let you add that card to your Profile.)

What You Get

Once you’ve paid for your show, you can download it any time within 30 days.

Then you have up to 48 hours to watch it as many times as you like.

If you Bought the show, rather than Rented it, the 48 hours thing doesn’t apply. It’s yours for good.

About the Download

4oD gives you brilliant, full screen, smooth motion playback on your PC, and it only takes about 1.5 times the length of the show to download.

So say you rented ‘Shameless’, it’d take about 90 mins to download.

That’s good going for such great quality.

Finding your shows

Every show you download to Rent or Buy gets stored on the hard drive of your PC.

(If you’ve rented the show, then of course it will only play for 48 hours from the time you download it.)

You can check your shows are there, browse to see what you have, and choose what to watch by opening the 4oD application and going to ‘My Downloads’.

Awesome quality

“‘The picture and play quality are awesome”. So says Jo Perrin, who’s been testing out 4oD downloading since October.

How right is Jo!

4oD uses peer-to-peer technology (ooo er). That makes any show or film you’ve downloaded smoother than streamed programmes could ever be.

How good is it?

Stick it up full screen on your PC and the picture detail and motion quality will be better than watching VHS on your telly. Really.

Find out more

Read more about how to use 4oD
to find Channel 4 programmes and movies and download them to watch on your PC.


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