Having not initially been involved in the planning or design of this website, though I’d worked with this client on the development of strategic messaging, I was invited in to review the messaging and structure of the new site, and to recommend modifications to both structure and content, as necessary. I used this opportunity to bring the client back to the core value statement we had only recently developed, and to re-message the site around this. Website review, revision and content rewrite for IT services provider.

completed: 2019
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.

The something your competitors don’t have.

Plan-Net is the home of Business Advantage IT. Across your organisation we deliver a level of responsiveness, technical capability, service, flexibility and insight that translates into operational edge for your people and the business.

Plan-Net works across the landscape of your IT, turning day to day needs and opportunities into competitive business advantage.


Maintaining an optimum infrastructure for your business to run efficiently and scale easily


Maximising productivity for all of your people and the business itself


Ensuring security, safety and compliance


Leveraging IT to fuel your strategic business development


Securing the specific and comprehensive skillsets your business needs


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