Genus is a newly established events management company, providing comprehensive live event organisation and management services for SME businesses, as well as support for agencies requiring additional resource. I adopted an enthusiastic and energised tone of voice to reinforce its founder’s vision of being a creator of ‘Happy Events. Web content for events organiser Genus.

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About Genus

We’re sleeves-rolled-up, live environment specialists.

We help brands deliver Happy Experiences to customers, staff and visitors engaging with them at exhibitions, or in hospitality or training settings, as well as in other live engagements such as pop-up retail environments.

Experienced. Flexible. Collaborative.

We have bags of experience and expertise in creating, planning and managing live environments to create these kind of Happy Experiences.

We do this for large retailers, corporates and public sector organisations, fast moving start ups and bright, agile smaller companies.

Most usefully, you can use us to fill any shaped gap in your operation.

We can do everything associated with planning and managing your live environment. Or we can look after just one specific area within a project for you.

And who are Genus?

Bringing together a comprehensive range of creative and executional skills, Genus centres on the expertise and experience of founder and Managing Director, _________ _______.

A live environment project management specialist, Sarah’s passion and commitment towards developing and delivering relevant and engaging brand environments sets the tone for Genus’s helpful and hands on approach.

So just what is a ‘Happy Experience’?

Happy Experiences are what your customers, employees or other visitors should feel and enjoy when they encounter your brand via your live environment.

We believe these engagements should shape and profile your brand’s identity, and connect and strengthen its relationship with the audience being targeted by that environment.

A ‘Happy Experience’ for you, too.

As well as creating happy experiences for your visitors, we think that deciding to work with us needs to create a ‘Happy Experience’ for you.

So you need to feel you have benefitted from expert, hands-on, professional help with conceiving and realising a successful, engaging and ‘happy’ live environment.

How we make working with Genus a Happy Experience for you as well as for your visitors.

  • WE PARTNER We listen. We contribute. We say what we think. But we are always here to be on your team.
  • WE RESPECT We know you have ways of working and reasons for doing things, and we recognise these and work with them.
  • WE CREATE We don’t just sort. We’re creative on event ideas, on overcoming problems and on long term event planning.
  • WE ENABLE We know how. We make everything happen as it should, using the right people and the right technology.

Get in touch with us! We want to help.

We want to help you create Happy Experiences, and we’ll fit in wherever you need us to. Call us or email us now and let’s have a chat.

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