It’s always exciting when a client has a business model that is genuinely innovative in a way that has the potential to impact lives. I wrote the full content for this site for financial not for profit Shaw Lifetime Care, whose creative and imaginative model makes it possible for families to finance care for an elderly relative without the need to sell a family home. Tone of voice is clear and informative, taking time to explain a complex idea in a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand. Full site content for residential care finance manager Shaw Lifetime Care.

completed: 2021
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CHIP. Our unique arrangement for paying for residential care without selling a home.

For many of us, the time comes when a residential care home seems the best possible option for ensuring the safety and support of ourselves, or of an elderly parent or other relative.

When this happens, there are likely to be any number of concerns not only over the best interests and comfort of the person for whom care is being sought, but also over how and by whom it will be paid for.

The CHIP Care and Home Inheritance Plan’ is an effective and practical solution to a challenge faced today by more and more individuals and families.


What CHIP does

For decades, the option for costly private care has most frequently meant an elderly person owning their own home, or their family on their behalf, selling that home to raise finance.

Our CHIP was designed specifically to make this sacrifice unnecessary.

The CHIP enables those requiring care to move into the residential home of their choice while retaining absolute ownership of their property. Ownership of the property is never surrendered, and the house can then still form a part of the owner’s estate at the end of their life, providing children or grandchildren with a valuable inheritance.

The CHIP is not a financial product, just as we are not a financial services company.

The CHIP is an effective way for anyone who owns a home to fund the residential care they need, without having to sell the home.


What CHIP means for you

Here’s how CHIP works. It’s really not complicated, and there are absolutely no hidden tricks or catches.

If you or an elderly relative have been professionally assessed as having reached the point at which quality of life, safety and comfort would be best assured by moving into residential care, get in touch with us.

You’ll find step by step detail on how it works here but, in outline, we will have the home owned by the person needing care professionally assessed, at our expense. We’re looking to establish how much will need to be spent to make it ready to rent out, and what income it will bring in in rental.

While we’re doing this, you can go ahead with selecting the care home of your choice. This is done solely by you. We play no part in your choice.

Once you have chosen a care home, and we have both signed the CHIP agreement, we will commit to meeting the monthly cost of care for the full remaining lifetime of the person in question.

We understand it can be time critical to put arrangements in place, and we are able to commence payments to the care home immediately once the agreement is signed.

Again, there is no catch. With an agreement in place between us (which we explain in more detail below) the cost of care in the care home you have chosen is now guaranteed for as long as needed.

Yet when the end of life comes, eventually, the heirs will still have 100% legal ownership of their former home.


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