Headquartered in Delaware, GPACC – Global Patent Assertion Capital Corporation – specialises in the monetisation of Patent IP, creating exceptional opportunities for its investor ‘Members’. I planned and wrote the full content for this site, taking care to keep the explanation of a relatively little known model clear and precise. Full website scope and content for Patent IP assertion specialist GPACC.

completed: 2021
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.


With our far-reaching network of partners, spread across a wide range of finance and operational disciplines, GPACC unites the expertise needed to realise maximum value for IP owners and investors.

Leveraging a global network of strategic partners, GPACC specialises in the monetisation of Patent IP.
We do this through the development of commercial strategies designed to maximise the value of IP cases within our portfolio.
We work exclusively with IPs meeting the requirements of our rigorous foundational frameworks, ensuring their viability and potential for commercialisation.
Our commercialisation activities are funded by investment, and we work with advisors and investors within our network to deliver diversification, stability, strong yields and accelerated capital growth for their clients or institutions.


GPACC operates a Membership model for private investors and their advisors. Membership does not, in itself, infer investment into our SPV, which is open only to Members.


Exposure to our Patents IP activities is available to Members via our Special Purpose Vehicle, the GPACC Master Patent SPV.
This provides the opportunity for members to build a fixed-income portfolio, spread across a range of patent monetization programmes.
In addition to a fixed return from the SPV, Members acquire the potential to benefit directly from the performance of the underlying assets, with a share of all proceeds from the royalties generated over 1-3 years.

Register for GPACC Membership

Open to accredited investors and professional wealth advisors, Membership of GPACC enables investment into our GPACC Master Patent SPV.

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