Fantastic Photography is an enterprising packaging of family portrait photography into a whole or half day event to be enjoyed as an experience in its own right. I’ve used the writing to convey the warmth and encouragement which the team running the business were keen to convey to their potential subjects and clients. Complete website content for Fantastic Photography.

completed: 2007
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.


Your kids. Your partner. Your favourite places. Enjoy One Fantastic Day together, and come away with breathtaking portraits that capture the magic between you.
Fantastic Photography is an unforgettable family experience, as you come together for a personal pro location portrait shoot by one of the UK’s most imaginative contemporary portrait photographers.



We like to shoot in places which mean something special to you. This keeps the pictures personal, and the familiarity of the location makes it easy for your family to enjoy the event to the full.

Choosing your location

The place you choose could be indoors or out. It could be in your home or garden. The important thing is that we’re not only looking for a backdrop: we’re looking for a setting in which your family can live, breathe, laugh and play naturally while Malcolm captures your interactions.

A piece of moorland where you go walking with the kids and your dog? A tree under which you like to picnic? A favourite beach? A rundown old lock-up where your husband and son tinker with the car? We’ll discuss ideas with you when we speak. (It’s worth keeping in mind that busy public places can be a little difficult to work in and may require special permission to shoot.)

Leaving the location to us

We’ve found that some people prefer to put themselves entirely in our hands, and wish simply to turn up and be photographed in a beautiful place. We own two delightful, rural locations which you are welcome to have us use as the settings for your Fantastic shoot.

One is a delightful area of farmland, around the location of our studio. The other is a beautifully restored and painted vintage caravan, located a few miles away in its own rural setting.

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