A really interesting project, developing site content for a platform operator whose offer provides shipping manning agents and shipping companies with direct access to the community of shipping talent, providing tools for the management of the advertising and hiring process. Following the client’s direction for structure and format of the site, my written tone of voice is open, clear and easy to follow, even for shipping personnel for whom English may not be a native language. Website content for shipping talent sourcing platform operator ARS Marino.

completed: 2021
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Hire the right talent. Find the right job.

Find the right candidate for your maritime vacancy… or the next great opportunity for you.



Post your maritime vacancies to Marino Hire, and invite applications from the talent already registered on our system, as well as thousands more candidates we reach using social media.


Register with Marino Hire and receive notifications on vacancies matching your criteria. Apply when you’re interested in a particular vacancy, and Marino Hire does the rest.


Our partners

We are proud to work alongside these organisation, who are helping us transform maritime talent hire.


Why Marino Hire?

We are proud to work alongside these organisation, who helping us transform maritime talent hire.


For companies

Marino Hire makes managing your hiring process simpler, faster and more efficient. Upload your vacancy. We notify relevant registered users as well as the wider audience viewing our social media and partner sites, forwarding interested applicant profiles to you. You manage shortlisting and selection through the platform.

For candidates

Marino Hire makes it easy for you to keep a watch on vacancies that match your needs and qualifications, have us forward your application and profile to those that you decide interest you, and monitor its progress in the selection process. Your data is GDPR and SOC2 secure at all times.

GDPR certified

We take full responsibility for the data security of candidates registered with Marino Hire, and for the compliance obligations of employer organisations using our platform. We are GDPR and SOC2 Type II certified, conforming with all European Union data protection legislation.


What companies who use us say

Read for yourself the comments and reviews from some of the shipping organisations hiring through Marino Hire.


What we offer


  • Help with publishing vacancies

Our platform makes it easy to compose your vacancy post, to target it to suitable applicants and to publish it both to our registered users and our wider social media and recruitment partner audiences

  • Save time and resources

With our continually expanding database of registered candidates, plus our social media and recruitment partner audiences, Marino Hire saves you valuable management time, as well as the costs of continually advertising vacancies.

  • Innovation

Marino Hire is a revolutionary platform, transforming the way shipping hires are managed and made. As a hiring company, you can look forward to more and more features designed to make good hiring easier and more efficient.


Our mission

The mission of Marino Hire is to enable maritime shipping organizations to hire and retain the talent they need to succeed, while providing maritime talent with a focused and secure platform for sourcing and applying for vacancies of interest.

With  a carefully designed and robustly engineered platform, and a management team with decades of maritime sector experience, we aim to build trust in our ability to transform hiring practices for the good of all in our industry.


Everything in one place

Whether you are a hiring organization or a candidate, the Marino Hire platform brings the entire process of hiring, or of finding a new position, into one place for you.

As a hirer, you can manage the entire process of advertising vacancies, receiving and vetting qualified applications, testing, interviewing, shortlisting and making offers within Marino Hire.

As a candidate, you can build and store your profile and cover letters, manage your criteria for being notified of vacancies, express interest and complete an application, track its progress, complete tests, carry out interviews and accept or decline offers.




How will Marino Hire help us with our talent hires?

In many ways, but principally by consolidating the entire source and hire process for all your vacancies onto one GDPR compliant platform; and by eliciting applications through the platform from interested and correctly qualified applicants.

Is Marino Hire compliant with our GDPR obligations?

Absolutely. We take the security of both employer and candidate data extremely seriously, and are GDPR and SOC2 Type II certified, conforming with all European Union data protection legislation.

Does Marino Hire offer access to good quality candidates?

We do. Candidates working in all areas of the maritime industry, at all levels, register on our platform as candidates. In addition, our social media and network of recruitment partners expose your vacancies to a wider audience of qualified candidates.

Does Marino Hire know shipping, or are you recruiters?

Marino Hire has been built by a team with more than 3 decades’ experience in Software Development for the Maritime Industry. Our Leadership Team has won the trust of many well-respected organisations in the Maritime industry.

I’m crew. Can Marino Hire help me apply for jobs?

Yes we can. Register your profile on the platform and set criteria for vacancies you’d like to be notified of. When you receive a notification from us, you then decide whether you’d like us to forward your application to the hiring organization.

As a candidate, can I control where you send my resume?

You have complete control over your profile on our platform. We will never send your profile to any hiring organization unless we have received an instruction from you via the platform that you wish to apply for a job about which we have notified you.






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