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completed: 2011
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Silver: a monetary and industrial metal

Like gold, silver is an excellent store of wealth and value. And just as gold forms an important component of a balanced investment portfolio, silver too can play a valuable role in helping you to hedge against inflation and multiply wealth.

Silver, again like gold, has been considered as ‘real money’ for centuries. (The word for money itself, in many languages, is derived from the word for silver.)

At G.I. Metals DMCC, we view silver as a versatile and valuable investment metal, and believe that all that is required before investing is to familiarize yourself with a few economic basics specific to silver.

Because silver is both a monetary and an industrial metal, you can hedge wealth from inflation in silver while benefitting from industrial demand for the metal at the same time.

Silver, however, can also be something of a double-edged sword. When the economy is strained and contracting, industrial demand (one of silver’s valuable features) decreases, lowering the price of silver. The result of this is that silver’s price is, in general, more volatile than that of gold. The smaller size of the silver market, compared to that for gold, also makes its upside and downside moves more pronounced than for gold.

Silver is your opportunity to hedge your wealth and make pronounced gains at the same time.

Right now, silver appears to be more greatly undervalued than gold. As a result, we expect silver to outperform gold, just as it did in the last precious metals bull market of 1980.
For this reason, we suggest that you consider diversifying a portion of your portfolio into silver, taking advantage of its price variation in relation to gold which is especially significant at certain times, as the gold to silver price ratio fluctuates with market forces.

The percentage of your portfolio you choose to hold in silver will depend on your tolerance for its volatility in price.

A straightforward, economic and safe way to buy silver.

You can buy silver simply, economically and safely through G.I. Metals DMCC.

Our prices are highly competitive. Our systems for purchasing, storing and administering your account are transparent, and our Safety Assurance provides you with unsurpassed peace of mind.

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